Chapter One

I saw the violent flames engulf his body as he struggled in pain, tied by his hands from the ceiling. Fire was surrounding me and I felt the flames lick hungrily at my face. The building was burning fast and we were high up, if the ground fell in, we would be dead- well, we practically were anyway.

The flames were climbing up the walls and heat whipped at my face. Time felt as if it were moving in slow motion as I ran to the boy. I really needed fresh air as the smoke began to take its toll on me and my lungs felt like they were going to burst.

But as I neared the fiery boy, the ground suddenly caved in and I skittered back a few feet, tense and ready to run. No! I need to get to him. I could barely think straight but that thought seemed more reasonable than it should have for any person.

I glanced up and our eyes met, then the boy’s gaze slid over my shoulder and widened in fear. Wildly, I turned around, to look into a cold metal stare. Frantically, I backed up, closing the distance between the gaping hole and me. That was when I got a good look at the metal man, and the full picture horrified me; it stood about 7 feet tall and was made fully of steel. Instead of real eyes, it had metal orbs that darted back and forth. One of its metal arms was ripped off and sparks were flying from it but I was still scared speechless.

What is this thing? My body was shaking from fear and exhaustion. The fire roared in my ears as I tried to look for a way out, but there were no exits, well, not unless you count the giant hole as an exit. Then the building began to tremble and several things shattered all around me. I looked down and the ground was falling in, dragging my legs in with pieces of falling debris.

Desperately, I grabbed a rusty pipe to keep myself up. Oh God, I am going to die  a horrible fiery death here! Yeah, positive thinking, that’s me.

I looked up once more at the boy’s face but his eyes were focused on the metal man in back of me. Then he began to shout, what is he saying? Confused, I craned my neck to look backwards and saw the metal man raise a wooden beam. No! I need to get out of this stupid hole! I struggled but before I could free myself the beam came crashing down and all went black.

“Ah!” I gasped, sitting upright in bed clawing at the air, my heart pounding against my chest.

I sighed, and checked my surroundings to make sure that I was at home. Yeah, this was my bed all right and nothing was on fire. Then I dusted myself for anything that may have lingered from my bad dream. Good, no burns or aching headache.

Gosh, I really hated that dream. It scared me and I always woke up expecting to see my house on fire. It really worried me and the dream raised a lot of questions; what was that metal man? Who was the boy? Why did he seem so familiar? And what did this dream even mean to me?

The thoughts kept swirling around my head until I drifted back into a restless sleep.

This is my first chapter so any feedback will be appreciated! Thank you so much for reading!

Read on: Chapter Two


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