Chapter Four

“Guys? Erica? This isn’t funny anymore,” I called out nervously, “Seriously, I’m getting a little freaked out here.”

Then, without warning, the lights flickered on and there was Ms. Robinson, glaring at me from the front of the room.

“Uh, hi Ms. Robinson… Are you ok? You look a little… different…” I stammered. But she just stared at me with a glassy expression on her strangely metallic face.

“Alison.” She rasped in a hoarse voice, making me jump, “You’ve been causing us some trouble.”

“Um, what are you talking about? Listen, I haven’t done anything wrong-”

“No, not right now, but you will. You will turn sixteen soon and what you become will be problematic. So to avoid that, we have decided to just get rid you.” She whispered, advancing toward me.

“Ms. Robinson? Who do you mean by ‘we’? And… I turn sixteen next week ” I said, backing up into a desk, “This is a little scary…”

“Don’t worry honey, it’ll be over real soon.” She smiled; her teeth glittered like blades. Wait, were they real blades?

I didn’t wait to find out. I sprang into action, throwing desks over and lunging for the door. I grabbed the handle and tried to open it but of course, it was locked. I whirled around and saw Ms. Robinson throw a desk off of her… wing.

Yes, I was scared out of my mind, but I also felt calm. My thoughts were clear and I suddenly knew what to do; I hurried over to the teacher’s desk at the front of the room and threw open drawers.

She locked the door, which was my only way out so I had to find a key. Where is it? I need to get out of here!

Behind me I heard desks being thrown, I whirled around and saw… well I don’t really know what I was looking at. It wasn’t my teacher, that’s for sure; it had gray baggy skin and black wings. Its claws were long and curled, with dirt and grime caked on. “Oh honey, are you looking for this?” my eyes widened as she held up a single key, “I wonder what would happen if I…” She said, opening her mouth revealing rows of razor sharp teeth.

“Don’t!” I tried to run, but before I could reach her, she- or it– dropped the key in her mouth.

“No…” my only way out was gone, now what?

I slowly backed up, not knowing what to do. The thing closed the distance between us, “Well Alison Walker,” I shuddered as my last name passed through the thing’s scaly lips, “It was fun playing with you but I must be going now, so I’ll do this fast.” It smirked.

I was up against the wall now with no escape, I could smell a horrible stench like rotting meat and I gagged, “Help…”

Then the thing raised its yellow claws to touch my face and began to laugh, “Nobody is coming Alison! You can give up and I might make this a little bit easier for you.”

Right now, I probably would have been dead if two words hadn’t saved me, “Stop it.”

The words rang out loud and clear, and the thing spun around, screeching, giving me space to sink down to my knees, trembling. “Who dares interrupt me- Oh… well what do we have here? Another little Ringmaster who wants to die early?”

“No, but you must. Why have you come here? You know the deal.” A very familiar voice stated.

“The deal has been called off, the true master has decided that he has no need for you guys now. We have been sent to exterminate the ones who will become a problem.”

By this time, my head was spinning. What are they talking about? What’s a Ringmaster? What deal? And who’s this master their talking about?

“Sorry, but not today.”The voice said. Who is that? But I was shaking too much to move.

Then the shot of a gun rang out and then, silence. Wait. A gun?

“Alison, are you ok? Come on, you’re bleeding.” the voice was next to me, and then strong arms wrapped around me and picked me up. Then mustering up all my strength, I looked up and stared at the face of the one who saved me.


Whoa! What is Mason doing saving Alison from that… thing? And what is that thing? Next chapter to come soon!

Read on: Chapter Five


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