Chapter Seven

I walked out of the car and stared in awe of the magnificent wall seemed to stretch on forever.

“Wow. I never knew there was such a big wall in California…” I said.

“It’s because there are barriers that prevent anyone from seeing this wall.” Ms. Clark said, running her hand along the aged lines of the stone.

“No one can see this wall?” I asked in disbelief, “That’s impossible, you can’t miss this thing, it’s huge!”

“Alison, you are a real unbeliever, there are things in this world that you can’t explain, no matter how hard you try to,” said Erica, “Being a Ringmaster is like a job and certain Ringmasters have to keep regular people from finding out about our group. Not everyone can handle the fact that different things exist in this world.”

“Well I completely understand those people. It’s crazy!” I said. “And where are we? It seems like we’re in a desert…?”

“We’re in Death Valley.” Mason said with one hand on the wall.

Death Valley?” I cried, “Why are we in Death Valley? How did we get here so fast? We were just in Los Angeles!”

“Allie, calm down. We just have a fast car.” Erica said.

“You can’t just have a fast car! It’s impossible to get from Los Angeles to Death Valley in only twenty minutes!” I cried, practically hysterical. “And what are you guys doing?”

The three of them were all standing next to each other, pressing the odd shaped stones that made up the massive wall.

Ms. Clark ran her fingers over the pieces of rock then shook her head and said under her breath, “They must have changed it again! I can’t find the key.”

“What are you doing?” I asked again.

But again, I was ignored. “Security has been really tight lately. I think it’s because of all the recent attacks.” Erica said.

Then Mason called out from a few feet away, “Hey, I think I found the key!”

Erica and Ms. Clark ran at him with me trailing behind, what did he find?

Curious, I caught up with the three of them to stare at a rough, oval shaped rock in Mason’s hand. “Um, what are we looking at?” I asked.

Mason glanced up at me and said, “Just wait, you’ll see. Ms. Clark, I think you should do it.”

Ms. Clark glanced at him and nodded, “Yeah.” Then she took the stone from his hand and placed it into a break in the wall. I heard a click come from deep within the barrier and suddenly; the wall began to rumble and a cloud of dust rose up from the rocks.

“What’s going on?” I cried out above the noise.

Then rocks began sliding around, moving and locking onto different pieces, making oddly formed shapes.

Ms. Clark, Erica, and Mason just stood there, looking rather bored while I stared.

A few seconds later, the stones were finishing up and sliding together.

“Whoa…” I said in awe, standing back.

The rocks had stopped moving and I saw that the stones had been pieced to make a picture.

In front of me was a stone carving of a beautiful lion. Its head was held high and its mane looked like it was billowing in the wind. It had one paw resting on a ledge and it’s muscles rippled underneath its dark brown skin. Even though it was only a statue, the details were so perfect, I almost expected it to start moving and its eyes seemed look deep into my soul.

I hadn’t realized that I was staring until Mason nudged my arm and said, “Hey, you’re drifting away from us.” I snapped back into reality and saw Ms. Clark tap the lion’s paws.

“What is she doing…?” I trailed off watching her.

“Just wait.” Mason answered simply and I glared at him, “You always say that.”

But all he did was smile and turn back; I followed suit and watched as Ms. Clark leaned her whole body weight against the paw. Slowly, the paw began to slide in, and the ground started shaking again.

Suddenly, the lion split in perfect half and wall it was attached to slid back, revealing a dark passage.

“Don’t just stand there like an idiot, come on.” Mason teased me, pulling me by my arm.

Cautiously, I walked into the dark hallway behind Mason and the huge doors slammed shut behind us, plunging us into total darkness.

Hey everyone! Sorry this chapter took so long! So, to make up for it, I wrote a pretty long chapter! Thanks!

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