Chapter Eleven

I pushed open the creaky gate and it swung forward and I quickly stepped in with Mason, Erica, and Derrick behind me.

I peered into the shade casted by the overhanging trees, and looked side to side and surveyed my surroundings; there were millions of headstones scattered everywhere. But at the very back of the grave there was a looming shadow of a tall building.

Walking closer, I ignored everyone’s voices trying to call me back. Swiftly, I avoided each tombstone and advancing towards the ominous building. When I had reached it, I paused, now that I was closer, I could finally see it in the pale lighting, unlike every other home and building here, this one looked like it was made out of metal and also had a distinct burnt smell hanging around it.

“That’s what’s left of the Old Village.” I heard a somber voice behind me.

Spinning around, I saw Jessica crouched by a gravestone; so this is where she was. “What are you doing here?” She asked quietly.

“Looking.” I replied curtly.

Jessica shrugged and turned back to look at a headstone, “You should hurry with whatever you’re going to do, Derrick’s coming and he wants to get you to the classrooms before it gets really dark.”

I looked at her for a moment, how does she know that? “What’s the Old Village?”

She glared at me and opened her mouth to say something, but decided against it and got up from her position. I watched as she stood up and walked away, not making a single sound, I guess she doesn’t want to talk about it… I turned around to face the building again and looked at it skeptically, the door was rusty and blackened and I briefly wondered if a fire had come to do this damage.

While I was standing there, I heard Erica, Mason, and Derrick’s voices getting closer. It’s now or never. Sighing, I shoved the rusty door open. Surprisingly, it opened with just a squeak and I peered into a dark passage.

“Alison! Come here, we need to leave!” I heard Erica’s exasperated voice call out, but I ignored her, stepping into the hall and shutting the door quietly behind me. The sounds muffled but I still heard everyone’s anxious calls.

My heart was thumping as I shuffled cautiously down the hall; I had never directly disobeyed someone, always doing what people told me to do so choosing to ignore everyone’s orders and also walk into a place I’m pretty sure I wasn’t really allowed into was different than how I normally acted.

As quietly as I could, I tiptoed to the end of the hall with my hands outstretched until I bumped into something. Squinting, I saw a wooden banister leading to a steep flight of stairs.

I began to slowly walk up the steps, receiving a loud moan and creak from each one.

I entered the second floor and, glancing around, I realized that it was just one-room, but it was huge. Faint moonlight streamed into the room from a window with no glass. The curtains, or what was left of them, were completely burned and my nose crinkled when I the thick smell of smoke and ash hit me.

My eyes wandered to the ceiling where I saw a small piece of singed rope hanging from above. I stared as it swung back and forth in the breeze, entrancing me. I crept slowly towards it, forgetting about everything around me and focusing on the rope. It reminded me of something, but I couldn’t grasp onto it.

Then I felt the ground groan and crack underneath my feet. I snapped out of my trance and looked down. I’m so smart, I thought sarcastically, smirking to myself. I was balancing on the edge of a broken floor board, a few more steps and I would have fallen right through a gaping, dark hole right in the center of the floor.

Whose great idea was it to put a hole in the center of the ground? As I kept looking at it, I grew more angry and… sad? Why was I sad about this?

Suddenly, a blinding pain hit me in the back of my eyes, and all I saw was white. What the…?

Scenes of fire and people screaming flashed into my head. I was barely aware that I was screaming out, pain was overtaking me and I hunched over on my knees, yelling and begging for it to go away.

I distantly heard shouting and people running up to me and trying to soothe me, but the pain didn’t stop and tears soon began to flow down my face.

That was when I blacked out, and the dreams began.

Oh! What dreams is Alison going to have? Keep checking in to find out!

Read on: Chapter Twelve


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