Confessions of a…

… Chicken. Yes everyone, I am a scaredy cat. I am absolutely terrified of the thought of watching a horror movie. When a simple commercial advertising a horror movie comes on TV, I either run from the room or squeeze my eyes shut, stick my fingers in my ears, and pray that it’ll end soon, that’s how afraid I am.

Take today for example; I just got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to go with her to see The Possession because all of her other friends have already seen it, except for me of course. My heart almost stopped when I just saw the name “Possession”, what will happen when I see the movie itself? Usually, I’m always there for my friends, but today, no way. You couldn’t pay me to watch something like that. And it’s only Rated PG-13! I should be fine with watching it, right? Still, no.

My friend begged and begged me, saying things like: “Come on, it won’t be that bad! You can close your eyes when it gets scary!” My eyes would be glued shut the instant the movie starts playing, “It’s only PG-13, you’ll be fine!” Nope, sorry sister, “I’ll even hold your hand! Just come with me!” That won’t calm me down! I’ll still have a panic attack!

As anyone can see, I am a huge chicken. I sometimes ask myself what will I do when all my friends go to the movies to watch a horror film? That’s a lot of peer pressure right there. I guess I could always say something along the lines of; “My dad’s, uncle’s, chicken’s, sister’s, brother’s, goldfish’s, aunt’s sister has a fashion crises and I need to help out, its really bad, so I can’t come. So sorry.” I just pray it won’t come down to that, I have a feeling that excuse might not work…


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