Chapter Twelve

I was dreaming. Floating slowly through a soft, empty state, and my thoughts became a fuzzy blur. Quickly, before I could register anything, I was thrown into a forest alight with flames, smoke surrounded me but I didn’t feel a thing; the fire wasn’t burning my skin and the smoke didn’t choke my throat. The chaos seemed not to touch me at all and I felt weightless. I inspected myself and, to my absolute horror, discovered I was transparent. Am I a ghost? Does that mean I died? Was it because of my headache? Was-

Suddenly, a bloodcurdling shriek ripped through my thoughts; startled, I looked for the person who screamed. There she was, right in front of me, a girl about 15, cowering in the shadows of a tree staring at something over my shoulder. I turned around, and then I saw it; a towering figure in the sunset. It looked like a giant steel robot and the light from the fire reflected harshly off of its body.

The robot came closer, trampling anything that stood in its way. Trees, houses, and unfortunate people who didn’t have time to run were caught in its horrifying path.

It was nearing the girl, getting closer, so close. She tried to run, turn away from the crushed bodies, but her body seemingly refused to move.

Finally, as the robot crushed a wooden house, she snapped herself out of her daze to turn and she stumbled around, trying to get away from the metal monster, I drifted after her, passing through rubble like nothing. The girl tripped and tumbled over the destroyed earth towards an abandoned building that looked relatively safe from the closing threat.

Eventually, she made it to the building door, but she was still moving at an unbearably slow pace, I just might die today… I heard the thought slipped into her jumbled mind as she gripped at the door handle with a sweaty hand.

The ground trembled again and she knew tell the metal robot was getting close, in a final attempt to get into the building; she pushed her body into the door and shoved it open.

The door opened and the girl fell in, seeing the monster come up even closer than before, she rolled over and kicked the door with one foot; it shut with a thud and a lock clicked into place. She breathed a quiet sigh of relief and shakily got to her feet. Then she spun in a slow circle, taking in the settings; a small dresser right next to the door, a mirror hanging on the wall, and a large, empty bookshelf on the other side.

A loud slam brought her attention back to the problem at hand: the metal robot at the front door.

Working quickly, she moved both the dresser and empty bookshelf to the front of the hallway.

It’s not going to be long before the robot gets in… Shaking the thoughts from her head, she pushed the dresser and shelf together against the entrance. That might slow it down for a little bit…

She shuffled to the end of the hall, about to hide in one of the many doors in the back but stopped when she saw a staircase, half hidden by the shadows.

Quietly, she walked up the stairs to a one-room floor and I hovered right behind her. She crept to the end of the room to the open window and looked out; fire was eating everything around the building.

Once she saw this, her strength disappeared and she collapsed and slid down against the wall, copying her, I did the same; floating in an awkward sitting position by her elbow.

Downstairs, we heard the door open and the shelf and dresser being thrown across the hall. I’m going to die, she thought as she listened to doors being flung open and tossed around, I need help, someone please help me. Her thoughts were panicked and I started to feel anxious as well.

As she began to accept that she was going to die, there was a shout and a crack, then painful silence.

We both heard the squeak at the same time. The girl staggered to her feet and put a hand on her hip and let out a hiss of anger, I lost my sword, of course, now of all of the times! I heard her thoughts loudly as another creak came from the stairs and a person emerged.

“It’s ok Jess, calm down.” The person said with both hands up as they put one foot on the floor.

The girl’s eyes widened and she breathed a sigh of relief, “Cameron, its you.”

Slowly, the person slid out of the shadows and I saw him for the first time. He was tall and he looked about 17 years old. His eyes were dark brown and black circles under his eyes suggested he hadn’t slept for days. Dirt covered his dark brown hair and face. His hair kind of looks like mine, I thought in surprise, I wonder who he is… A long sword was in his hand and both were covered in grime and blood.

If the girl saw it, she gave no notice and flung herself at the boy while I stayed where I was. The boy whispered soothing words into her ear and stroked her trembling head.

There were heavy footsteps and another dark figure entered from the staircase, but this one was huge and the soft light from the window glinted harshly off of it, revealing a metal robot-like man.

“Cameron Walker.” A cruel voice came from it.

Who is this cruel robot and what does he want from… Cameron? So many questions but you’ll need to wait to find out more!

Feedback is appreciated!

Read on: Chapter Thirteen


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