Chapter Thirteen

The robot stepped up from the last step and lunged at the two with its hands outstretched. The boy and girl leaped apart as the machine approached closer.

Cameron Walker? His last name is Walker? That’s also my last name. My mind was spinning in confusion as I watched Cameron raise his sword against the robot. But it was too fast as it jolted away and Cameron’s sword swiped at air.

The girl, Jess, was pressed up a corner, trying to stay out of the robot’s reach. Until Cameron tried to attack the robot and it leaped out of reach and landed right next to her. Slowly the machine grabbed a handful the girl’s hair and pulled her to her feet.

“I was sent here to destroy. That is what I will do.” It said while a small knife slid out of its hand.

The boy’s eyes went huge and he gasped; “No. Don’t do it. Please,”

The robot pulled the girl’s head back and held the knife to her neck, “Then take her place.” It said.

Tears were streaming down the girl’s face as she cried out; “No! Please don’t, I’ll do it! Please…”

The boy cut her off and said in a firm voice; “I’ll do it on the condition that you let her leave without being harmed.”

It paused for a second, as if considering it, then it slowly nodded, “Yes, but the girl gets to watch.”

A loud cry erupted from the girl’s lips as even more tears fell down her face, “No, please Cameron, don’t do it!”

I watched as the boy ignored her and place his sword on the ground before walking up to the robot and bend down on both knees with his hand in front of him.

I wanted to help so badly but I knew I couldn’t, so I sat and with much sorrow, waiting to see what would happen.

The robot grabbed a long rope wrapped around its wrist and roughly tied the girl’s hands up before tossing her into a corner. Then, it turned to Cameron and bound his wrists with another cord.

He glared at the machine but it ignored him and dragged him by his wrists to the open window while the girl sobbed quietly.

With no effort, the robot lifted Cameron up and hooked his wrists onto a small hook from the ceiling. By now, the boy was crying as he met the girl’s eyes. Something passed between them, an unspoken conversation, when she began to cry out loud again.

The robot let out a harsh laugh, “There is no use crying girl. It won’t change a thing.” It said as it walked up to her and dragged her by her hands to the staircase.

“Say goodbye.” And with that, the machine lit the entire place on fire.

As soon as it touched the floor, the fire spread, eating everything up.

A loud scream shook through the house as the robot forcefully carried the girl downstairs.

The bright flames leaped up and crept closer at the boy who was struggling to get out of his binds.

I’ve got to do something… But even with that thought, I knew I wouldn’t be able to.

“Someone help him,” I found myself pleading out loud- but nobody could hear me.

I watched as the fire made its way to the boy’s dangling feet and knew that he wouldn’t have much time to live, he was coughing and the smoke was swirling around, clouding his vision and his breathing was getting heavy.

Then we both heard a voice through the thick smoke; “Cameron!”

Who called out? Is it a friend? Or an enemy?

Read on: Chapter Fourteen


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