Confessions of a…

… Doodler. Recently, I’ve begun to doodle a lot in my free time and in class. Maybe it’s because I get bored and my mind starts wandering that I need to take it out on an unsuspecting piece of paper. But lately, I’ve been doodling and drawing a lot more often even though homework and other dull chores insist on interrupting.

A cute little binder cover for my friend

I actually draw these doodles for my friends on 8×11 pieces of paper so they can put it in their binders. Before, I did ever single doodle by hand so none of them looked alike, but lately, I’ve gotten a lot more requests so I have to photocopy one picture and just color it in by hand. Even though the pictures are the same, they still looks pretty good.

A Bit of my Doodle Banner

Just a little bit of my Doodle Banner. I think it looks pretty good!

Most of the work I do is usually on 8×11 sized sheets of paper but about a week ago, I was in my room, staring at the walls, and realized that they seemed a little plain and empty. I was thinking how to get rid of the problem, tape pictures and posters of bands that I may or may not have an interest in later on in my life, or tape a hugebanner of all my doodles that I will never get tired of! Naturally, I wanted to go with the banner idea.

I got all my supplies- Sharpies, markers, and a large piece of butcher paper and started this awesome banner that I call my Doodle Banner. Its turning out great but I used up about 5 Sharpies already… I’m going to have to buy a lot more soon.


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a…

  1. That is AWESOME! And it makes me so happy to look at all those smiling and winking faces. I hope you post a picture when your banner is completed, whenever that may be. 🙂

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