Chapter Fifteen

I woke up in a white bed, in a white room with early morning light streaming in from an open window above my head.

Blinking the sleep out of my eyes, I looked around me carefully- no raging fire or screaming- just white.

“My eyes are burning,” I mumbled quietly.

My head pounded as I slowly eased myself off the blinding bed and onto the floor.

I looked around; taking in my surroundings and- in contrast to the snowy background- saw a neat pile of folded dark clothes in the corner of the room by a door.

I glanced down and realized I was dressed in a hospital gown.

“I don’t want to know who did this…” I grabbed the clothes and pulled on the outfit- black sweatpants, a gray sweater, and black sneakers.

I wandered out the door and into a large white office with a brown wooden door at the opposite wall.

As I made my way to the other side, I passed a long mirror. I backed up and stood facing the mirror, looking over my appearance.

A tall, scrawny girl stared back at me with large dark brown apathetic eyes. The clothes were a several sizes too big and her long brown hair hung in a tangled mess past her shoulders and down her back. Dark circles were starting to form under her eyes, I noted as I stared- entranced by my reflection in the mirror. I didn’t know I looked this…

The click of a door interrupted my thoughts, another person had appeared in the corner of the mirror- Ms. Clark.

Her dirty blond hair was tied up in a messy bun and her glasses were resting crookedly on the tip of her nose. “Oh, you’re finally awake, we were all a little worried when they found you screaming… then you passed out.” She said nonchalantly, sitting down at a gray desk behind me and motioned to an empty chair in front of her, “Have a seat, how are you feeling?”

I sat down in the chair and, ignoring her question, I asked; “How long have I been out?”

“The entire night, about eleven hours. Do you collapse like this a lot? Remember it happened before, when you were attacked.”

I shrugged then said, “Where were you before you came here?”

Ms. Clark expression saddened as she muttered, “Burying another.”

“Did someone die?”

She met my eyes and said, “You do know we’re in a war right? Well, people get hurt and some die in war.”

“Oh… I’m sorry”

Ms. Clark raised an eyebrow at me, “Thanks for your concern.”

“I try.”

She gave me a long look then said; “Did you… did you have a dream? Like, did you dream about anything unusual?”

I glanced up before fixing my gaze at my fingers fiddling with the hem of my sweater. Did she know about my dream?

Ms. Clark sighed when she realized I wasn’t going to answer then said, “Well, you look fine so why don’t you go out to the cafeteria and have a something to eat? It’ll be good to get something in your stomach before training starts. The cafeteria is straight ahead.”

Training? Despite my urge to ask her, I simply obeyed and walked to the door, but before I could leave, she whispered something so quiet I almost didn’t catch it; “Don’t judge people before you know their full story.”

So why did Ms. Clark say that? What’s going to happen to Alison now that she’s awake? What’s going to happen at training? And how did Ms. Clark know about Alison’s dream?

Read on: Chapter Sixteen


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