So, I’ve started doing something called NaNoWriMo and that means I’ve pledged to write a novel, and finish it, hopefully, in a month!

My novel is coming along well and I’ve actually started a new one! I’m not using The Ringmaster because I’ve actually been toying with another story idea! I call it The Extras and I like it a lot, so far I have about 3,500 words down. It’s not as much as I would like but I’ll be fine!

A summary of The Extras:

James Shutter’s best friend, Kris Wells, has a superpower. Kris can make the people or things in pictures come alive. Kris doesn’t care about his unique power but James is worried. What is the reason behind Kris’ amazing power? What is it for? Where does it come from?

When a new girl named Jessica Rivas moves into the house next door to James, he finds out that Kris isn’t the only one with powers- like Jessica. There are other people like Kris and Jessica. They are what are known as Extras who are mutants with abnormal powers.

Jessica is a scout sent from the Extras who have gathered together to stop a rising threat- the New Age. The New Dawn is a group made up of only Extras who want to rid the world of regular humans and replace them with all Extras.

When the New Dawn starts to slowly kill off the regular humans, the other Extras band together to stop them- and they need all the help they can get.

Join James, Kris, and Jessica as they help the other Extras stop the new danger and save the regular human race.

Good? Bad? Comments are very appreciated!


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