Chapter Seventeen

My mind was spinning and thoughts raced through my head, to be a Ringmaster or not? I haven’t made a decision yet!

I didn’t know what to do- Have I really accepted that Ringmasters really existed? Do I even want to accept that such people like the Ringmasters were real?

The people in cloaks with shadowed faces stared at me. I could feel their gazes boring holes into me as I tried to keep any signs of emotion off my face.

“Alison, you have to make your choice now. Will you bear the responsibility of being a Ringmaster?” A voice broke into my thoughts; I glanced up to see the woman looking at me, her gray eyes searching through my own.

The world closed in on me, silence deafened my ears, my body felt numb as I heard someone say in a voice like my own: “Yes, I will.”

The woman gave me what seemed like a ghost of a smile and addressed the room; “Well everyone, I guess we have a new Ringmaster in training!”

My heart pounded in my chest, what have I done? Am I sure I even want to become a Ringmaster? Well, what choice do you have now? I mentally scolded myself. You chose this! Suck it up and take on your responsibility! I surprised myself; I was actually going to take this responsibility without complaint. No questions now.

I was escorted out the door by a person in a white robe and saw Erica pacing back and forth in front of the building. The instant she caught sight of me, she launched herself into my arms practically hysterical, “Did you make a choice? What did you choose? Please say you said yes!”

A small smile made its way on my face and I said in a soothing voice; “Yes. I said yes.”

Her head snapped up and her green eyes searched mine, “You mean it? You’re not lying? You’re really going to train as a Ringmaster?”

“Yeah. I’m going to be a Ringmaster.”

Yay! Alison is really going to be a Ringmaster! (Finally girl!) So, anyways, how is everyone doing? I haven’t been posting any chapters in The Ringmaster so here you go! How’s everyone’s Movember going? Are you growing mustaches? Or are you just watching people try to grow mustaches? I think I’ll just stick to watching people grow mustaches, not try to grow my own…

Read on: Chapter Eighteen


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