Chapter Eighteen

Erica squealed and grabbed my hand before dragging me off down a path, “This is great! Fantastic! Since you’re a Ringmaster now, we can train together!”

I looked at her awkwardly, “Yeah… so what does that mean?”

She giggled excitedly and jumped up, “Let’s go train! I’m so happy! I can’t actually believe you became a Ringmaster!” She rambled on while dragging me to the training area.

Erica hurried me along the path, when we neared the white gate, I saw someone leaning against the white gate- Mason.

“Hey! Mason! Guess what!” Erica shouted at him, still holding me by my arm “Allie is a Ringmaster now!”

I saw his blue eyes widen as he walked over to us, “Really?” He gave me a small smile, “That’s great!” I blushed slightly, looking at my shoes, “Uh… yeah, um… thanks.” I stammered, my cheeks feeling like they were on fire, what’s happening to me? I thought wildly.

Mason turned around and walked into the gate but Erica pinned me with a glare, “Allie? Are you blushing?” She asked slowly.

My blush grew and I didn’t meet her stare, “… No. What makes you say that?” I said, getting too defensive.

But Erica didn’t listen, she just kept staring at me until I returned her look, “I’m not.” I said firmly, stomping to the gate where Mason has disappeared through.

I pushed my way through the white gate when I heard Erica behind me, I ignored her and walked in- to see a group of people just standing in a half circle, watching me. Mason stepped forward and said, “Alison Walker, you will now be training to be a Ringmaster. You will have to have someone teach you how to fight, that person will be Derrick.” He said.

I just nodded numbly, I’m really going to do this… I thought as Derrick pushed his way through the crowd and shook my hand, “So Allie, are you ready for this?”

I gave him a look, “Ready for what?” I mumbled.

He smiled down at me, “I’m going to be your trainer, I will train you to use your abilities to the fullest extent. But first, I need to know if you can cope with the intense training.”

I nodded, “Sure. What do I have to do?”

“Survive in the forest.” He said, pushing through the leftover crowd of people- the rest had disappeared- to the edge of the white gate surrounding the training area.

Derrick quietly led the way behind the House to the gate, as I squinted closer in the dim light, I saw that the fence had a missing post, “You’re missing something.” I said, pointing to the gap.

“No, it’s supposed to be there.” Derrick said cheerily.

I glared at him suspiciously, “You want me to fix it? Is that what you do to new kids?”

He laughed slightly, “No, you’re looking at this all wrong, Alison. That’s to escape is there’s any attacks. I don’t think anyone would be happy if you ‘fixed’ it.”

“Ok… then what do you want me to do?” I asked.

“I’m going to leave you in the woods for a week, without food and water, and you’ll learn how to survive by yourself. If you can, then I’ll train you. If you can’t, we’ll send you back home.

“You can quit anytime you like. Just yell and someone will come to help you. But if you do, that means you are quitting and you will be sent back.” He explained.

I looked at the missing post, past it, was just dark trees. I couldn’t see anything, no matter how hard I looked. With a sigh, I said, “I can do this, just fine. I’ve been camping before.”

Derrick smiled, “Well then, go. I’ll find you when it’s time to come back- then I’ll assess you on your abilities.” And with that, he gave me a small push to the gap.

I slipped through the two boards and into the dark forest. With one last glance at Derrick, I turned around and took off for a run into the deep, dark woods.

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for no posts in the Ringmaster, I’ve been busy!

A little recap of everything that’s happened:

Alison has become a Ringmaster and her trainer is Derrick. But, he needs to know if she can handle being a Ringmaster so he’s going to test her, by sending her into the woods for a week to survive by herself.

So, again, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting in the Ringmaster, the Extras is done so I’ll have more time to write this!

Read on: Chapter Nineteen


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