Chapter Twenty

A loud crash startled me out of my sleep as I jolted up on the hard, leaf covered ground. As I struggled to fully process what was happening around me, I heard the tree I was sleeping under start to creak and leaves poured out from above me.

I staggered to my feet and leaped out of the makeshift bed and hastily glanced over my shoulder as I ran towards the training area, behind me, I saw thousands of tall, shadowy figures, stomping through the forest, tearing at everything standing in their way.

I stifled a gasp and tripped over a tree root, crashing onto my outstretched hands. Quickly, I crawled closer to the tree, covering myself with the dipping branches and trying to make myself as small as I could to avoid being caught.

The loud crashes began to come closer and I realized that whoever was thundering through the forest was going to come to the Ringmaster camp. What should I do? I thought, panic started to cloud my brain as I took a look out.

My eyes started to adjust to the dim, early morning light and I saw what was coming, Reaper. There were millions of them, their long wings hung limply at their sides as they continued to trample through the woods. In the sky, I saw several more Reapers flying around, they’re looking for the camp… I have to warn everyone! I thought quickly, creeping out from my hiding place and rushing towards the camp, taking care to not be seen by the Reapers.

My heart was racing as jumped over the white fence and ran on the worn down path to dorm area.

I got out of the woods and started shouting, “Wake up! The Reapers are coming! Wake up! They’re coming! You need to get up! They’re coming!” I ran to the girl’s dorm and pounded on the door, “Get up! You guys need to wake up!” I then hurried to the boy’s side and knocked on their door, “Everyone! You have to get up! Like, now!”

Slowly but surely, people began to steam out of the dorms, grumbling and yawning, “Allie! What are you doing? It’s two in the morning! Why are you shouting? And shouldn’t you be in the forest?” I heard Erica run up behind me, even when she’s barely awake, she can still rattle off a million questions.

Around me, I heard people mumbled and someone said, “I’m going back to sleep, someone can deal with this crazy girl, but not me.”

“No!” I shouted, startling everyone, “Nobody is going to sleep! You’re all going to listen to me!” I now had everyone’s attention, something I never thought I would ever get, and it wasn’t something I actually wanted…

I could feel every person’s stare burn holes in me as I spoke quickly, trying to get to the point as fast as I could, “The Reapers are coming! I saw them in the woods! We need to hurry and fight them!” I cried out.

Instantly, everyone sprung from their sleepy states and ran straight for the path I had just come from.

“Alison!” I heard a voice call from the crowd, Mason.

I spun in a circle looking for the owner of the voice, “Where are you?” I was surrounded by people I didn’t know, being pushed around.

Suddenly, I felt a strong, large hand grab onto my shoulder, spinning around, I saw Mason standing over me.

“What are we doing?” I looked up at him.

He pointed down the path towards the training area, “We’re preparing for the fight that’s coming. It looks like your assessment is going to be cut short.”

Before I could respond, Mason grabbed my hand and dragged me with the crowd, to the training area, and straight to the house, “Wait, Mason, what are we doing? We need to fight off the Reapers!” I cried over the noise.

He nodded his head and called back to me, “We are.”

The doors of the house was flung open and people ran in, going to either side of the stage, to the wooden doors. I was pulled to the one on the right, while losing Mason in the process. I closed my eyes as I was jostled around, letting everyone around me shove me side to side.

A loud shout made me open my eyes, and a large sword was thrown into my hands by a shadowed person who yelled, “Grab it and let’s go!” The person grabbed my empty hand and pulled me to the door of the closet, “Geez, you got left behind, huh?” They said, shaking their head, “Well, I should explain as much as I can, these are the closets where we keep our weapons of mass destruction. And, now, we’re going to use those weapons of mass destruction to kill those Reapers.”

The person pulled me out of the dimly lit closet and into the house where everyone had gathered, back in full light. That was when I got a full look at the person, he was slightly taller than me and had light blonde hair and icy blue eyes.

He directed his gaze at me and I felt shivers run down my spine, his cold stare made me feel uncomfortable and I tried to find a way away from the strange guy, “Uh, thanks… for helping me… I guess.” I mumbled to my shoes.

“No problem. It looks like your friends have left you, so do you want to stay with me? I promise I’ll keep you safe.” He said with a chilling smirk.

“Um, ah… well…” I stuttered, trying to think of an excuse not to agree with him, still holding the sword he had tossed into my hands awkwardly.

When he realized I had nothing to say, his pale lips stretched out into a grin and he said, “I’ll take it as a ‘yes’, then!”

Before I could reply, he turned around to say a quick word with someone, then he turned to look at me, “Time for the fight to start, Alison. If you haven’t learned how to use a sword yet… well, you’ll learn now!” He grinned.

“Wait! How do you know my name? What’s yours? And I can’t fight!” I exclaimed, whoa, I’m doing a lot of shouting today…

He looked at me for a moment, then said, “I have my ways, and you’re going to have to fight, we need as many people as we can get. And you can just call me ‘G’.” His icy stare looked into my heart and I felt another chill run down my back as the crowd of people started out of the door of the house, “Oh, looks like we’re going!” He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd and to the front of the mass.

Oh no! What’s going to happen? You’ll just have to wait and find out!

Read on: Chapter Twenty-One


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