Chapter Twenty-One

G pulled me through the crowd with a firm grip, not loosening it at all, I had no idea what he wanted from me, and why he was even helping me. I looked down at the sword he had tossed into my hands, silver with a gold lining, it’s beautiful… I thought, before glancing to his pale hand, gripped tightly around my wrist, his hand is freezing, I shivered.

Although he had helped me, I still had a bad feeling about him as we walked out of the house and to the broken fence leading to the forest where I had come from, and where clouds of gray smoke rose up from the trees and hints of red flames at the base.

The crowd was quiet, silently preparing for the battle and the only thing heard was the crunch of everyone’s footsteps on the hard ground.

We trudged into the forest and that was when everyone saw the Reapers, “Believe me now?” I grumbled under my breath when I heard gasps of shock around me.

G glanced over his shoulder to look at me, his icy blue eyes bright in the dim light, “They should have believed you, I did.” He smirked.

I directed my gaze down, “Thanks…” I mumbled, unable to look at him straight in his eyes.

“Alison!” I heard a loud shout call my name. My head shot up and I spun around, as much as G would let me while he was grabbing my hand. My eyes landed on Mason’s and he pushed his way through the crowd to get to me.

As soon as he neared, I felt the cold hand around my wrist disappear, and the tall, looming presence vanish by my side. I turned around to see G’s slender back walking away, slipping through the crowd like a ghost, “Wait!” I cried out, but I stopped suddenly, seeing something that sent more chills down my back- in his hand was a long, black staff, with a pale human skull at the top.

Someone tapped my shoulder, making me leap up, “Whoa, Allie, are you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” An amused voice said behind me.

I turned around to see Mason’s blue eyes staring into mine, like G’s, but his didn’t make me feel nervous, “Uh, I saw nothing, it’s nothing.” I shook my head.

He gave me an unconvinced look but he didn’t mention it, “Well, they’re saying that the entire force of Reapers have come… do you think you can handle it? You can go back to the girls’ dorm if you don’t want to fight.

I shook my head, “No, I’m going to stay, if I managed to get away the first time, I think I’ll be fine a second.”

Mason stared at me before awkwardly patting my head, “Just… be careful… ok?” He said, taking a keen interest in his shoes.

I looked up at him, is he blushing? I thought in shock, but it was quickly forgotten when the ground began to rumble.

The black shadows could be seen nearing the area we stood and I could faintly make out large, winged creatures flying in the sky, swooping in and out of the tops of the trees.

Mason turned to me and reached out to squeeze my wrist before letting go, “Are you ready for your first fight?” He asked, and muttered under his breath, “And, hopefully, not your last…” I glanced at him and he gave me a reassuring smile, making me question whether or not I had actually heard what I thought I did.

I nodded slowly and gripped the sword G had given to me- the only real proof I had that I had really seen him- and braced myself for whatever was going to happen next.

The foreboding shadows loomed closer and closer, making me swallow really hard and wonder if I still had time to turn around and run, probably not, I thought with a shaky sigh.

I heard a shout from the front of our waiting crowd, “They’re coming! Everyone, prepare yourselves!”

The crowd shuddered as everyone raised their weapons and waited quietly for the attack to come, well, I guess it’s too late to run now…

Oh how I hate, yet love, procrastination! Chapter 21 is finally up! You don’t know how long this has been waiting to be written. I see it every time I log onto my computer but I kind of push it aside while it screams “come back and finish me!”… well, I think I’ll stop talking about how my writing talks to me now. Thanks for reading and feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

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