Chapter Twenty Two

As the shadows came closer, time seemed to freeze, I watched as if in slow motion the Ringmasters lunged forward to meet the onslaught of Reapers in a huge, loud roar.
Mason disappeared from my side, pushed away by the crowd of Ringmasters, leaving me alone once more. Explosions rocketed into the sky, lighting up the dim morning sky, bursting in front of my eyes and nearly blinding me. I fell back a few steps, unable to comprehend what I was seeing- Ringmasters and Reapers battling in a huge fight, loud noises shattered around my ears and bright lights hurting my eyes.
​“Mason? Erica?” I mumbled, keeping my head down to avoid getting caught up in the fights around me. I stumbled deeper into the forest, running away from the loud screeching and clang of swords.
I swung my sword out in front of me, slicing any hanging branches or bushes that got in my way, what am I doing here? I’m not a Ringmaster! Ha, a Ringmaster, that’s crazy… what made me even think I could’ve been a Ringmaster?
Seconds later, I found myself deep in the center of the forest, where am I? I thought, tired from my rampage.
I stopped running and slowed to a trot as I looked around, explosions boomed loudly behind me as I walked further and further away from the battles.
​I stopped running and slowed to a trot as I looked around, explosions boomed loudly behind me as I walked further and further away from the battles.
​I just need to get as far away from here as possible so nobody can find me… that was my plan, run away- as usual.
But, something stopped me from running away too far, and I walked straight into it. No, it wasn’t my conscience, I had killed that thing a long time ago, along with my feelings, at least, that’s what everyone tells me.
Well, it wasn’t my conscience telling me not to leave the Ringmasters alone, it’s a Reaper. Huge and baggy with giant fangs protruding from its disgusting mouth, “Alison, why do you run? We had to chase you! You should’ve made it easier and just stayed in one place so we could’ve killed you faster! So annoying…” the thing growled at me.
​”We?” I asked, stumbling backwards and tripping over a large, overgrown tree root.
​The Reaper roared and took a step closer to me, “Yes, we. The Master General has taken a special notice to you. Although I don’t know why, you’re nothing great.” It snorted at me.
​”Shut up, you stupid beast, what would you know about this?” A cold voice came from behind the Reaper and out of the shadows, a figure stepped out, “Allie, why do you run? I know, it’s rather frightening at first, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it… at least, that’s what the Ringmasters will tell you. What they don’t tell you- or they don’t know- is that you aren’t that safe. You never are! In battle or just around here, you will never be safe because I’m here. And as long as I’m here, dead Alison, you will never be safe.” The person hissed as they waved a hand at the Reaper.
​With a loud cry, the Reaper leaped forward and raised a clawed hand, with one swipe, it threw me back and I hit a tree trunk, blackness instantly surrounded me and I saw no more.

Hello everyone! I’ve been very busy and it’s been difficult to write The Ringmaster, but I’m still trying! Sadly, I must take a small, tiny break from writing, my doctor says I have something called ‘tension headache’ so I have to stop writing, but just for a few days! I’ll be back soon!


I got a sticker from the doctors! Batman!

Read on: Chapter Twenty Three


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