Chapter Twenty Four

Just a short chapter for The Ringmaster, I should be studying for my history test tomorrow, but instead I’m writing…

The elevator jolted to a sudden halt and I rolled over on the ground, the white walls were too bright and the carpeted floor seemed as if it were made of water, tossing me around. For the first time in my life, I swore while I staggered to my feet, the words just leaving my mouth- for the first time, I spoke before careful thinking.

Still muttering curses under my breath, I slunk out of the elevator doors, the world spinning around me, and into a dark room. Sound was stifled out and the pressing silence made me very uneasy, experimentally coughing, the sound was instantly absorbed into the walls.

My eyes began to grow more accustomed to the dark and I saw overly plush couches and the walls popped out, as if filled with cotton, absorbing the sounds in the room. I took a few cautious steps farther into the room before a familiar voice spoke, making me leap high into the air, “Alison, I’m glad you could make it.”

Spinning around, which made my head swim more, I saw G sitting in one of the plush chairs, waiting for me, “You!” I cried, feeling my adrenaline rush through my body, I stalked up to him and jabbed a finger into his hard chest, “What am I doing here? Let me go!”

G rubbed his forehead and shoved my finger aside, “Oh, shut up.” He stood up and walked towards me, instinctively, I backed up until he had me cornered against the soft wall, “You’re annoying, but I need you. I saw your power downstairs and it’s just what I need.

“Now, will you give up your power willingly, or will I have to take them from you? Honestly, it’d just be easier for you and me if you give up. Then I won’t have to rip out the power from you, trust me, it isn’t pretty.” He sneered, his face inches from mine.

So many thoughts rushed through my brain I couldn’t process them all, but I did know that I needed more time, stall for time! “Uh, I, um, who are you?” I blurted out, trying to push myself even farther into the wall.

G glared at me, “Oh you know, the General.” He said so casually, it almost breezed by me.

But it somehow registered in my mind and I stiffened, hadn’t I heard stories of him, avoid him, don’t engage him in battle? Alarms went off in my head, I was doing exactly what I wasn’t supposed to be doing, what am I going to do? Just keep him distracted, you need to wait for someone to come, or think of a plan to get yourself out of here…

What’s our dear Alison going to do? How is she going to get herself out of this situation? Wait for the next chapter to find out!

Read on: Chapter 25


3 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty Four

    • Thank you so much! I shouted with joy when I saw this, and I was in class, my teacher is sure somethings up with me, but who cares? Thanks again! 🙂

      • Now you’re double welcome! Am I currently laughing at the thought of you cackling with glee in the dead silence of your English classroom? Yes I am. Enjoy the award; you deserve it!

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