The Shine On Award!

Wow, I got nominated for another award! This one is called the Shine On Award and the ever so wonderful William at his new blog Messages, you all really should check it out, you won’t be disappointed, I promise! I love his poetry, and his book Perspective.


So, onto the 7 facts about myself!

1. I’m currently learning how to code a website.

2. I love to draw, and for a while, I was drawing my own manga, but it stopped and the sketch book has been collecting dust for a while. I also drew a comic called Random Ninjas, but it didn’t go very far.

This was the first, and only, comic for the Random Ninjas I drew.

This was the first, and only, comic for the Random Ninjas I drew.

3. The only sibling I have is my youngest brother so I’m the oldest!

4. I love Sherlock Holmes, simply love the books. and the show Sherlock on Netflix. I do like the actor Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock (he’s also the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness!)

5. Nancy Drew is my favorite detective, aside from Sherlock Holmes, of course.

6. I have a strong addiction to anything sweet, I must have something sweet once a day or I’ll probably break down.

7. Now, here’s something many don’t know about me: the story behind my nickname: Monkeyface. When I was really young, I did something to upset my mom, and she was so mad, she wanted to yell at me, but of course, I was only a baby, so she couldn’t say anything bad. She ended up yelling “You’re such a monkeyface!” at me. Of course, I just laughed, and the name ‘monkeyface’ stuck. Eventually, it started to change up a little bit and I now respond to Monkey, Monkeyfaith, and Monkeyface. I’m such a monkey.

I’m now going to nominate several bloggers who deserve this award, probably more than I do!


9 thoughts on “The Shine On Award!

  1. You’re adorable and you write well. What more can you want from this world?

    I do want to know what a ‘manga’ is?

    Good luck on the coding!

    • Aww, thank you very much! 🙂
      Manga is a Japanese comic read backwards, and the characters have giant eyes in most cases. I simply love drawing people with huge eyes, it’s so strange.

    • You’re welcome and thanks! I’m thinking about drawing some more, so be sure to look out for them! 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much for the award! It’s so kind! Haha I’m an oldest sibling too! Congratulations on your award and I hope to get to mine as soon as possible!!

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