Chapter Twenty Five

“What do you want from me?” I asked, reaching for a calm in my voice that I surely didn’t feel.

G- the General- smiled slowly, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes, which remained cold, “You’re powerful, I realized it when you were born, so I tried to kidnap you, but it didn’t work out so well and you got sent away from the Ringmaster camp before I could get you. But look! I’ve got you now!” He grinned, telling the story casually, as if talking about the weather.

I shuddered and tried, again, to press myself into the wall, but it didn’t work and the General raised a hand to my face, “Oh Alison, you don’t need to be scared, I promise to be gentle.”

I jerked my face away from him and hissed, “Get away from me, freak. I don’t know what you want, but I’m not going to give it to you.” Whoa, when did I get so snippy?

“Listen to me, because I’m probably the only one who’s going to tell you the truth, you’re a Mind Master, Allie. Has any of those idiots called Ringmasters told you that?” The General’s voice dropped into a whisper, making the hairs on my body stand up.

For once, I was speechless, I’m a Mind Master? I can do crazy things with my mind? Wipe out people’s memories and read minds? But, “Why would you tell me this? I could do… something to you.” I question him.

He gave me another lazy, cold smile, “But you can’t, you don’t know how to.” He pointed out.

I gulped, he was right, I didn’t know how to use this newfound power, more less how to use it to get me out of this situation.

“But didn’t you see what I did to your men back there? I knocked them out.” I argued.

“What you did was release all of your pent up energy, it was a powerful blast, I’ll admit, but you just used up all of the power you had stored. You can’t do anything now.” The General explained, as if talking to a child. I glared at him, while he stared innocently into my eyes.

“I bet I could do something.” The challenge slipped out of my mouth before I had time to stop it.

His eyes widened a fraction of an inch, “That’s pretty daring, but I’ll play along. What if you can’t control your power? What do I get for that?”

I paused for a second, then raised my chin and stared at him, “Me.”

He smiled, as if this was what he wanted, “And if you win this bet?”

“I leave with the rest of the Ringmasters.”

He stopped to consider this before smirking, “Deal.” He pushed himself off of the wall with the hand right beside me and I saw his muscles ripple, his pale skin glowed beneath the dark shirt he was wearing.

With two, smooth steps of his long legs, he was across the room, “Let’s see, what do I want you to do? What can most Mind Masters do?”

“Read minds.” I blurted out.

He pinned me with a curious look, “That’s a high level trick that I know you can’t pull off.”

“And if I can?”

“You can’t.”

The tone of his silky voice made me want to stomp over to him and punch him, but I restrained the urge and just closed my eyes. All I have to do is focus, connect our minds, then read it.

Slowly, the world around my ears started the muffle, but I was still distinctly aware of the General shouting at me, he believes I can do it! And he doesn’t want me in his head, so there must be something he’s hiding…

The General was standing in front of me, but as he reached out a hand to grab me, I was thrust into blackness.

Read on: Chapter Twenty Six


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