Me Being Productive

I haven’t been making any random posts (and I like making them!) so I guess I’ll write one now because I have some stuff to catch up one!

First, remember when I said I couldn’t solve my Rubik’s Cube? Well, I finally got it (with the help of YouTube). I actually managed to solve it a few weeks ago, and I’ve been scrambling and re-scrambling the cube ever since. I’m pretty proud to say that I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 10 minutes (well, I still need to watch the YouTube videos…)




I thought this way was pretty cool too.

Second, I finally got around to making my cute little Dr. Who bow ties I saw on Three Chic Geeks! They’re adorable!

My super cute Dr. Who bows, I'm in love!

My super cute Dr. Who bows, I’m in love!

I guess I should probably start writing my speech due tomorrow. This post is a result of my procrastination skills! Clap your hands for procrastination!

Maybe later…


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