Chapter Twenty Six

I was floating in darkness until I was thrust into a blinding bright light, where am I?! I just wanted to read his mind! I shouted at myself. Loud noises startled me out of my self-pity and I looked up, towering above me was a large building and behind me, fire was roaring up from the trees. My feet rooted to place, this place- this place is the same as in my dream. Why does the General have the same memory as me? What’s going on?

Behind me, I heard loud footsteps, running for dear life, I saw Jessica burst out of a forest, and just like in my dream before, I saw her scramble and slam the door shut. I watched as the robot emerged from the same place she had run out of and follow her up to the door, but instead of knocking the door down and going inside, the robot stopped and seemed to be waiting. Maybe for Cameron, my brother, to show up, but why would it be waiting? As realization crept in, a horrible feeling made its way through my body.

That’s when I saw him, Cameron Walker, my brother, but he wasn’t running in like a hero, he was simply strolling to the building, with a familiar smirk on his face, the kind of smirk that made me wish I could hit something, “I guess I should go in there and make my dramatic entrance.” He said, glancing first at the robot then backwards.

I looked at who he was talking to and gasped out loud, a giant Reaper was standing right next to me, and even though I knew it couldn’t see me, I still backed a few steps away from it, fear coursing through my body. The Reaper hissed and I realized it was laughing, “Master, you just need to fake your death. Nothing too big.” It said. Fake his death? Cameron- my brother- isn’t dead? And he’s working with the Reapers? My mind could barely process this newfound information- So, I have a brother who apparently died, but he’s not actually dead. Then, who is he?

Cameron smirked, “Ok, send in the robot, scare her a little bit and then I’ll go in.” He waved a hand at the door Jessica had slammed shut. The Reaper cackled wildly as it watched the robot kick the front door down with a loud bang, I didn’t follow the robot in- I already knew what was going to happen- I watched Cameron and the Reaper with a careful eye, feeling strange that even though I was there, they couldn’t see me.

“So, have you found her yet?” Cameron asked suddenly.

With a wide eyed look, the Reaper hissed in a low tone, “N-no, master. We’re still looking for her. But I promise, we will find her.”

Cameron didn’t say anything, his back was towards me and the Reaper, and we watched it rise up and down, everything quieted, waiting for him to respond. Suddenly, with a loud shocking roar, he spun around and I saw a blinding flash come from his jacket before the Reaper fell down, a large slash cutting down from its right shoulder down to its left side, disintegrating, the Reaper screeched with obvious pain before it vanished completely.

I watched Cameron in speechless horror, he shook his hand slightly and I saw dust fall from the sleeve. He sighed heavily and looked up at the hazy sky, gray from the smoke piling up from the burning trees, and over the loud roars of the raging fire, I heard his thoughts as if he had spoken out loud, and what I heard shocked me; Alison, where are you, my dear sister?

Abruptly, I was jerked out of the memory, but I had my own thought before I was whisked away- sister?

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