Sweet Summer Fun

It’s finally summer break! Which, to me, translates into sunny days, sleeping, really dark tans, and sweets. My sweet tooth takes over every summer and I go on a rampage looking for anything and everything sweet. And even if it is already covered in sugar, I’ll probably look for more sugar to put on it.

Take this morning for example- my ever so wonderful mother had made cinnamon buns (from scratch I might add!) and told me, “You can eat them for breakfast, there’s already icing on them, but if you want more, there’s icing in a big bowl in the fridge.” Honestly, she shouldn’t have told me about the icing because the instant she stepped away, I raced to the kitchen and drowned my cinnamon buns in even more icing. Literally. The cinnamon buns were floating in a puddle of sweet icing goodness. And I ate every last delicious bit.

Many of you reading this are probably thinking that I’m crazy for eating all of that… and I bet I am. I’ve always had an appetite for anything sugary, even as a baby, I once got a cup of just whipped cream from Starbucks. Surprisingly, I’ve never, ever had a cavity in my life! Why, do you ask? Well, not even I can answer that question. You know the rule, after you brush your teeth at night, you’re not allowed to eat anything afterwards? I never followed that rule… when I was really young, I used to keep a small wooden box under my pillow, and inside, you could find packages of gummy bears, Jolly Ranchers, lollipops, and everything else in between. I would only eat it at night after my parents thought I went to sleep, I called it midnight snacking.

Either way, my sweet obsession has been with me since I was very young and I don’t think it’s going to kick the can anytime soon, which I can live with. And because I have my own money to spend, that means more candy for me! Maybe this will be the summer I get my first cavity…


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