Chapter Twenty Eight

Wow, this is the last chapter to The Ringmaster story! I can’t really believe it, I never expected this story to end, much less the way I ended it… It kind of wrote itself but I  like the way it turned out, and I hope you all like it too!

And there will be an epilogue after this, to clear up some loose ends and whatnot.

Well, on to the story! 

“I don’t know what to believe…” I muttered.

“Don’t believe anything then.” Came the simple reply, one that I wasn’t expecting.

I looked up at my brother, “What?”

Cameron took a step closer to me, “Being a Ringmaster was your choice wasn’t it? They didn’t force you to become a Ringmaster and they can’t force you to stay one. Just leave it all behind. You can do that.”

I stared at him, searching for any deceit, but I found none, “What would I do if I left?”

“You could come with me. Together, we could take down the Ringmasters!” Excitement leaped into his eyes, “We’ll burn them to the ground, you and me. Think about it!” And just as the excitement came, it left, replaced with a frightening expression, one that craved destruction and pain.

It hit me suddenly and I knew what to do, “No.” I said.

There was a pause, “Why not?” Cameron whispered, “Do you not believe me? I’m not lying! The Ringmasters are horrible people!”

“Not all of them, there are so many good people in that camp, you want to kill everyone!” I cried, “I believe you because, so far, you’re the only person who’s been straightforward with me. But I don’t want you to kill everyone- at least, the ones who don’t deserve to die!”

“Oh well! You’re too late to stop me!” His sudden shout startled me, from his pocket, Cameron pulled a small cell phone out, “Look at this, do you know how much damage I could cause with just one call? There’s a bomb down there, I just need to send a call to the detonator, and everyone downstairs dies! What can you do about that?” He screamed, waving the cell phone around wildly.

But before he could do anything, a loud bang cut him off. Both our heads swung in the direction of the noise, and to the door lying on the ground. A figure stood in the doorway and stepping into the room, “General.” A soothing voice floated from the person.

They walked into the glow of the dim lamp, “Mason!” I cried, recognizing the handsome boy, “You woke up!”

“Yes, and let me tell you, it was not easy getting here. I had a lot to take care of,” he gestured past the fallen door and to the hallway behind it; scattered all over the ground were piles of bodies, “They got in my way.” He explained simply.

“Are- are they dead?” I whispered.

“No, I just knocked them out. I’m not a killer.”

Our conversation was cut off by my brother’s crazed shout, “Shut up! I can kill all of your friends down there! Do you want that to happen?”

Mason turned a calm gaze to Cameron, “Fine, do it.”

Without thinking, I grabbed his arm, “What the hell are you doing?” I demanded, “Do you want everyone to die?” I dug my nails into his skin, what am I doing? Getting so angry, it’s not like me…

A cool hand touched my cheek, snapping me out of my thoughts, “Alison, you haven’t been with these Ringmasters for as long as I have, you don’t understand. The General- Cameron- he’s right. The Ringmasters have been around for too long, they need to go.” Mason said, tilting my head up to look at him, “Just believe me.”

“Everyone’s going to die. Mr. Clark, Derrick, Emily- everyone. My parents” I said slowly, unable to process what was being told to me.

Cameron interrupted, “They don’t have the right to be called your parents! They kicked their first child out onto the street and lied to you for fifteen years! They deserve to die!” The more he was kept waiting, the crazier he seemed to get, and Mason knew it too.

“He’s right, Allie. You didn’t even know them, the real them. How can you defend them to easily? Let them die.

“Erica wasn’t your real friend, it was another mission, you were just a mission to her.” Mason’s harsh words stabbed my heart, but I felt the truth behind them.

“Alright,” I said, breaking away from Mason’s grasp and releasing his arm, “But wait,” I closed the gap between me and Cameron and gripped his hand that held the phone, “I’ll do it.”

His pale lips tightened into a twisted smirk as he handed the cell to me. It was a simple phone that flipped up, the number was already entered and all I had to do was press the dial button- I didn’t hesitate. Jamming the button with my finger, a loud ring rang out from the phone before cutting off abruptly.

“Let’s go.” Cameron said, grabbing my arm and pulling me to the far corner of the room, “When that bomb goes off, in about ten minutes, everything will collapse. If we don’t get out of here, then we’ll go down with the building.

“But I have a helicopter. It’s waiting for us up those stairs,” He gestured to a staircase, that I hadn’t noticed before, covered by the shadows.

A strong arm wrapped around my waist and I saw Mason standing above me, he didn’t say anything just pull me towards the stairs. The three of us walked up in silence, the curving stairs only ended at an unlocked door.

My brother hadn’t lied, outside, there was a helicopter, its blades already spinning and a loud droning from the engine.

Mason released me at the door of the helicopter, “Alison, get in, I need to do something.” He said.

“What is it? The building’s going to blow up in a few minutes. Can’t it wait until after we get out of here?” I asked, worried about his request.

“No, I need to take care of it here. It’ll be fine.” He flashed me a comforting smile before turning around to my brother, who’d just emerged from the door.

It happened so quickly; Mason summoned his gun, and with a quick bang, a bullet buried itself into my brother’s chest. And, as he fell, Mason was there, crouching to catch his body. Bright red blood quickly spread, covering Cameron’s shirt and Mason’s arms.

My ears rung as I sat, paralyzed in my seat. I couldn’t move no matter how much I silently screamed at myself. I could just watch the scene play out.

Mason’s head was bent over Cameron and it seemed like he was speaking to Cameron. Slowly, I saw Mason’s hand, the one that held the gun, point itself again at the other’s chest, my brother watching his every move with dying eyes. With a slight nod of his head, Cameron seemed to tell him something.

Another shot rang out from the gun

Everything around me was muffled, but two screams managed to pierce through the fog in my brain. One from my mouth and one from my brother’s. The cries snapped me out of my daze and I gasped loudly, scrambling out of my seat on the helicopter and running to the two.

Cameron’s legs kicked out just as I neared him. And when I crouched down next to his body, the life left his eyes, leaving them dull, but at the same time, at peace.

“Allie…” Mason started, but I cut him off with a sharp look. Working as quickly as I could, I rearranged my, now dead, brother’s body- crossing his arms over his bloody chest, and straightening his cold body. I gently closed his eyes and, content with my work, I stood up and wiped my blood-covered hands on my jeans. I looked at my brother’s body for the last time before turning around to the helicopter without a word.

I slid to the other side of the helicopter and Mason took the seat next to me, we buckled out seatbelts and put our helmets on without speaking. I nodded to the pilot to take off, who lifted us into the air to take us to a random place.

We were in the air for a minute before I heard a loud explosion behind us, I craned my head to look out the window behind us and gasped. The entire building was crumbling to pieces, while fire licked at the falling rubble. The roof we were just on was falling apart, while fire raged everywhere. I looked for my brother’s body, scanning the collapsing roof for any sign of my brother’s body, but blurriness in my eyes stopped me.

When I lifted a hand to rub away the haze, I felt tears run down my face, “What…” I muttered, breaking the silence.

Mason had been watching me and he finally tugged at my helmet to turn my face away from the window to look at him, “It’s okay.” He whispered softly, pulling me into a hug, “You’ll be okay…” He kept repeating those words until the helicopter landed onto firm ground.

What happened after that, I don’t remember, Mason told me later that I fainted from exhaustion and lack of sleep so he took me to a park bench, and that’s where I woke up, a few hours later. He even managed to shoplift some food, while I slept, which I wolfed down in a matter of seconds, eager to fill my empty stomach.

“So, what now?” I asked, leaning into his shoulder while we watched the sunset.

Mason looked down at me with a carefree smile, “Who knows?” He shrugged, sliding an arm around my shoulders and pulled me even closer, “Let’s just go with it…” at that, he leaned towards me, so close our lips almost touched, “We can do whatever we want, you know,” he muttered, his lips barely moving, but still nearing mine, “We could start a new life.”

A small smile made it’s way across my mouth, “That sound perfect.” I said, falling forward, quickly closing the distance between our mouths.

My lips found his soft ones and fireworks exploded in the pit of my stomach. After what felt like forever, Mason pulled back, “Absolutely perfect.” He whispered into my ear, sending shivers down my spine as he pulled me into a hug.

There is it folks, the last chapter to The Ringmaster! I’m probably going to publish this story, but it definitely needs to be revised and edited first. But I do hope you all enjoyed it and thanks so much for reading!

Read on: Epilogue


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