[Five years later]

Together, Mason and I started our new lives; we bought a house with the money we were earning through our jobs at the local police department. We were exceptionally good at our jobs, using our special abilities to capture and subdue any criminals on the loose.

Mason, with his quick reflexes and fast thinking soon become the most feared cop in the department, and crime rate dropped at a steady pace each year. I, on the other hand, tried to not to draw too much attention to myself, using my mind powers to help me, yet keeping a low profile at the same time. We made a great team, and were respected by everyone on the force, but we both had another reason for joining the police force- we wanted to be the first ones to know if any people with powers causing trouble. But, rarely was there ever a time when we did find a person who had powers like us. Mason says it’s because of the explosion; inside of the bomb, there were certain materials that, when exploded together, they sucked away the last remaining source of power in the world, “Basically, we destroyed the chances of anyone ever receiving powers.”

In a way, it was a good thing- we made sure nothing like the Ringmaster organization could ever turn up again. I was happy because of that, and more so that I was able to keep my own powers; Mason had learned so much during his time with the Ringmasters, that he was able to teach me how to use and control my abilities.

I sighed deeply and leaned back in my chair, staring out the window while reflecting on the past five years, so much had happened, and now, I was living peacefully with Mason. Speaking of Mason… a dark shadow loomed over my head- I glanced up into my boyfriend’s deep blue eyes, “Hey.” He whispered, kissing me gently, “What’re you thinking about?”

A small smile make it’s way across my lips, “You know, the usual.” I said, my gaze sliding to the small table holding a beautiful sword resting on a black display stand- the sword given to me by Cameron, when I first met him. Next to my sword, Mason’s gun lay with its loaded magazine by its side.

When we escaped from the building, the pilot gave Mason my sword after I fainted, the pilot claimed that Cameron told him to make sure that I got it, since it was a gift from my brother. My thoughts flashed back to the time when he gave me the sword, pretending to be someone named G, maybe because his name was the General. I never found out why he gave me the sword, but it does serve me great purpose, even if it is a little old fashion, I wield it better than any other weapon given to me.

I looked back at Mason, “What’s up?”

“We got a call from the station, there’s a holdup at the bank.” He gave me mischievous smile, something he does whenever he gets the chance to arrest someone. For some reason, Mason likes the thrill being a cop gives him. I, on the other hand, don’t care for the adrenaline rush, only doing this because my powers helped me in tough situations.

I returned the grin and pushed myself off of the chair, “Well, what’re we waiting for? Let’s go.”

By the time Mason grabbed his gun, I was out the door with my sword, “I’ll race you to the crime scene.” I challenged, sliding into my car.

“When I win, you owe me!” I heard over the roar of the engine, throwing a wink at him, I rushed out of the driveway and down the street, Mason right behind me on a motorcycle.

I could see the bright blue lights from the police cars, already surrounding the scene while policemen kept curious bystanders away from the bank. And through the windows, I saw three masked men with guns standing over several people on their knees.

Pulling my car to a skidding halt, I flung myself out of the car and to the closest police officer with Mason right by my side. Our reputations preceded us as people stopped to stare at the couple with profound skills, “I won, by the way.” I leaned over to whisper into Mason’s ear.

He didn’t answer, just snorted loudly, while asking the police officer, “What do we know about these guys?”

We found out that there were a total of six armed men inside and were currently looting the entire bank of all its money. I smirked, “Sounds easy enough. Is there a way to sneak in?”

“There’s a backdoor that the robbers haven’t discovered yet, I’m sure you guys could get in without being discovered.” The cop offered. We both gave him a quick nod and rushed around to the back.

We slipped through the small alley and, through the shadows, we saw the door. Mason made quick work of the lock and the door opened quietly, leading into a dark room.

He straightened up and, without looking at me, reached out to give my hand a reassuring squeeze, sending sparks up my arm.

“Well, let’s go.” I said, taking a step inside the dark room while gripping my sword with my left hand.  And in the dim light, you could see the sun reflecting off of my finger from the comforting weight of an engagement ring, matching to the one of Mason’s left ring finger.


It’s over! I’m so thankful that people have been reading this story and hopefully, you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

I’m also a little sad that this story is over though. What’ll I do now?! Well… I was thinking of drawing comics! More specifically, my ninja comics! 

For those who haven't seen it.

For those who haven’t seen it.

I do have a soft spot for this little ninja, and I’m thinking of drawing him some friends, and maybe they’ll be apart of a group, hmm. How does the FNBI sound? Keep an eye out if you want to know more! 😉


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