Ninja Star 2

Page Two of Ninja Star- Meet Wasabi.
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26 thoughts on “Ninja Star 2

        • Mine starts on the 12th, yikes! ._. I don’t want to go, even though my mom says high school is going to be fun.
          She works at my school so now she’ll know everything I do…
          When do you start school?

          • Aww, it’s okayy! High school’s very fun. Will you be going to the same school as all your friends are at? If not, never fear, you’ll make new friends! Hooray!
            Oh no, your mom works at your school… do you think she’ll try to embarrass you? What if you get bad grades? Will she yell at you in front of everyone? Ahh!
            I start school in September, but my summer started later than yours, so I suppose that’s why.
            Look on the bright side where school is concerned. You’ll be able to get away from your brother!

          • I actually don’t know anyone going to my high school! Wait, I take that back, I know 2 people going there. Not very many, but I’m happy I can meet new people.
            Whenever I ask my mom what she plans on doing to me at school, she just gives me a ‘just you wait and see’ look. It’s a little worrisome… I just need to get good grades! Which is easier said than done I believe.
            I’m super happy I’m getting away from my brother. I’ve had to see him every single day this summer, and though it may not seem very long, I assure you, it was long to me. I thought I’d rip my hair out several times because of him!

          • At our high school we have this day before school starts where new kids like yourself get to mingle and meet one another by participating in group activities. Not sure if that’s anything like what you guys have.
            I didn’t see my own brother much – since I was at work for most of the summer. Woo! Work! It actually came in handy!
            The ‘just you wait’ look is rather worrying. Do you know whether you’ll actually have class with her yet? Have you even got your course schedule?
            How do Californian high schools work anyways? Here we have two semesters, and you take 4 courses each semester. You?

          • That sounds fun! I’m not actually sure if my school had anything like that, they did have some sort of meeting but I missed it because I was out of town.
            Lucky you! I should find a job so I can avoid my brother.
            My mom isn’t a teacher, thank goodness, she works in one of the tech offices. So unless I go to see her, she won’t know where I am. But she does know my teachers…
            I did get my course schedule! Twice actually. I lost the first paper I was given so I needed to get another print out. Geometry, Biology, and Honors English are a few of the subjects I have to take. Geometry sounds very difficult.
            We have 2 semesters and take 6 courses each semester. But ones is gym so I don’t know if that could be considered a course.

          • So how is school!
            I’ve got just 10 days left until my own school starts. Grade 12… one last year until university.
            Six courses a semester is quite a lot. Is it the same six each time, or a different bunch? Are you a ‘gym’ oriented person? I’ve taken gym three times thus far, but I’m lazy. So i get out of shape after it’s over. 😛
            Your mom knows your teachers? Auugh! She can ask them about you whenever she feels like it! Geometry is incredibly obnoxious. It’s a lot of graphing and such.
            Trigonometry’s not so difficult, though. You might find that enjoyable. Algebra’s the best, if you get it. The problems can be entertaining, in a challenging way.
            They’re making a new Teen Titans show, did you know? I wonder if it’ll be entertaining.
            Also, really sorry about not responding sooner. I’ve been really tired and out of it from work. 😛

          • Whoa! Do you know where you want to go for university? You’re so old, I’m just starting high school while you’re going to end it!
            Some of my classes stay the same while some of them change, like my Life Skills class, I only take it for one semester, but English is all year. I love gym! Only because it gives me a reason to move around, I too am lazy. If I don’t take a gym class I won’t exercise. But I’m going to try out for cross country! I don’t even know if I’ll make it on the team but at least I’ll try.
            I know! I’ll have to be on my best behavior if I don’t want to be scolded in front of the school! But for the most part I’m pretty well behaved, it was in middle school when I was really rowdy!
            I’m not too keen on Geometry right now, it’s only been a week and I’m already confused!
            Trig seems fun, Algebra was too, have you taken Calculus? It’s optional right?
            Are you talking about the chibi Teen Titans? I saw it! They look so miniaturized and tiny! The show was okay, but I like the original one the most.
            It’s all right! I myself am pretty tired from school.

          • I’m probably going to go to university in Toronto, or in a part of the suburbs called Kitchener. They have some good universities there. I have an aunt who lives there, so I could stay with her during my time. Do you think you know where you might go? I’m guessing not. I mean, you’ve got a whole four years to figure that stuff out!
            ‘Life Skills’? What the deuce is that?
            I’m actually a terrible runner. I don’t even know why – I just get incredibly short of breath no matter how good shape I’m in. What I can do pretty well is the stuff like push-ups and sit-ups. Dude, I can plank for six minutes. It’s freaking awesome.
            Best of luck trying out for cross country! You’ll do fine!
            So, have you made any high school friends yet? I have trouble believing you could be rowdy in middle school. You seem so sophisticated. Then again, maybe not. You DO seem to like hurting people (mainly your brother) ;).
            Calculus is something you take in the later grades, and, yeah, it’s totally optional. Same with Functions, which is hard algebra.
            Yeah! The little chibi show looks neat. I find it amazing that they got all the original voice actor people to do it again, They were all pretty good.
            What is the other show I was meaning to watch… have you ever seen that grojband show. It’s by the people who did 6Teen. Honestly, I just want to watch it because one of the female characters reminds me of a friend.

          • That sounds fun, but don’t forget me when you go off to college! I have no idea where I want to go, but it’s so far away I figure I have loads of time to figure it out.
            Life Skills is… well… yeah I don’t even know what it is. We just watch videos and talk about traveling to the past.
            I can’t do sit-ups or planks, I’d prefer running, give me a mile over planks any day! But that’s great you can do it for six minutes, I can barely hold it for one…
            So I made the team! That’s why I haven’t been able to reply, I’ve been training and doing homework nonstop.
            I have tons of friends! They like my sophistication yet rowdiness! I’m an unmanageable sophisticate and proud! And my brother deserves everything he gets *scoffs*.
            Good! I don’t think I want to take Calculus or Functions.
            Chibis are the greatest, they’re so small and cute. I knew it! Their voices did seem the same, I’ve been watching the old episodes on YouTube lately.
            I haven’t seen grojband, funny name though. But I’ve heard of 6Teen, I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, I haven’t gotten around to doing anything actually…
            So are you apart of any clubs?

          • Wow, life skills sound pretty dumb, I must admit.
            What kind of stuff do you do in gym? Here we just played various different sports, most of which were dull. I like soccer, for example, but hate hockey. So that unit wasn’t fun in the slightest.
            After that I took personal fitness in grade eleven. That was just a lot of exercising, which I found much more enjoyable. We had to do runs every tuesday and thursday though, and those were TORTURE. I was incredibly slow compared to everyone else, and we ended up having to run three miles by the end,
            One time we had to run up a *gasp* hill.
            It’s great to hear that you made the team. What exactly does being on the track team entail? Will you have to join competitions eventually? Also, what kind of training do you have to do? Just a lot of running in the morning?
            Nah, I’m not part of any clubs. I did this trivia challenge thing in grades nine and ten, but eventually I got bored.
            Currently I DO play classical guitar. But I haven’t been able to practice much this summer, because I’ve been working. I’m just too tired and distracted to play. 😛
            Chibis are awesome. That is all that can be said.
            So, besides track, have you joined anything else?

          • Hockey was always really difficult for me, I could never hit the puck no matter how hard I tried. Hills are the devil’s work I tell you! They’re painful for everyone, even the greatest of runners.
            Cross country just means to run a lot, our competitions (which will start in a few weeks) have us run 3 miles, but we usually run more during practice. Just yesterday I had to run 8 miles. I was dying by the end of it. We don’t run in the morning, I really wish we did though. We run after school during our last period, it counts as gym.
            Trivia challenges sound fun, what do you usually do in it?
            Guitar is awesome! I taught myself to play happy birthday on it, but it’s really slow because I always forget which chord is next. The entire process takes way more time than it should.
            I joined the Web Design Club and also the Programming Club at school, I was also thinking about joining the drama club and key club but I realized that I don’t have enough time for all of them. It was rather sad because I wanted to do all of them. Next year, next year.

          • Hockey requires dexterity, something that I do not possess. I could hit the puck, but I couldn’t get it off the ground. Also, I would smack the puck like I was hitting a golf ball.
            I love golf, actually. So that’s a sport I enjoy. Sadly my school does not have a club for playing golf in, so I have to do it with my dad and brother. Most people golf using carts, but I prefer to walk, because it’s a lot healthier. You get exercise from walking with that giant bag of clubs.
            I LOATHE hills. That is all I can say. At least there’s a downhill part to match the uphill.
            Eight miles? That sounds pretty intense. How are you compared to the other students? Good, bad? Top of the class, I assume. All that sugar you eat must give you such an energy boost…
            Usually during the trivia challenges we sit in two teams and we all get buzzers. The supervisor feeds us a question, and whoever answers it first (correctly) gives their team points. Also, if you answer it wrong the other team gets a freebie.
            I’m pretty good at the history and trivia questions. Anything about Canada or science, or geography confuses the hell out of me.
            Congrats about your Happy Birthday accomplishment on guitar. That’s pretty nice. I play a lot of classical stuff, but I also know the Pirates of the Carribean theme song (though I play it pretty slow), a bunch of Beatles stuff, and Mz. Hyde, by Halestorm. And the occasional Metric song. And others random things I can’t remember off the top of my head.
            I’m pretty good, if I do say so myself. But my teacher is a thousand times better. Also, she’s such a nerd. So, she rocks.
            Here, she’s playing a recital with this other guy… she also does yo-yo tricks.

            You joined an amazingly large number of clubs. I’m too antisocial to do all that stuff. How do you have any free time at all? 😮

          • I can’t play golf, so I admire anyone who actually can!
            Sometimes we run eight miles, sometimes it’s three. It just depends on how our coach is feeling. But I’m one of the slower runners *sob*. On the plus side, I’ve finally gotten my mom to support my sugar addiction! She buys me bags of gummy bears so I can keep them in my locker when I get hungry. I have a total of four bags currently stored away in my locker.
            Trivia quizzes sound like fun, though I’m not too good at recalling answers on the spot like that. Science is hard, I don’t blame you for being confused. I’m actually earning a C in my biology class right now. How I even ended up with that grade baffles me…
            I bet you’re amazing, your teacher is really good too! Nerds rule, wohoo! I’ve always wanted to learn yo-yo tricks, but I can never get the hang of it…
            I love all the clubs, but I don’t have any free time! I told myself I wouldn’t join too many clubs yet I did! What did I doooo?

          • Aww, how long do the runs usually take to complete? Are you able to finish them without taking a break, or how does that work?
            Dude, that’s a lot of sugar. My mum gives me various snacks for lunch every day. Thus I have had chocolate bars, popcorn, goldfish, rice krispies, cookies and various other stuff all hidden away in my bag. I end up giving a lot of it away to other people, because there’s only so much junk food a person can eat. If you were here you could have it, I suppose.
            Though you’d probably just tackle me to get at the candy even before I offered it to you. Dude! You could be like Speedy Gonzales from Bugs Bunny. Eat a whole bunch of sugar and then bolt down your track like a bullet.
            Biology has got to be the most torturous subject on the face of this planet. Will you guys be doing any sort of dissections, by chance? I had to dissect a frog, a worm, and a fish. The frog was nasty. We ended up cutting out its eye and sliding it around our little tray like it was a gooey marble. 😉
            Thank you for the compliment. I’m not bad at guitar. I’ve been playing for seven years or so, now, so I’ve got the hang of it. I’ve got to go in for my grade eight exam, and among other things I need to know 6 concert pieces (memorized), fifteen scales, and a bunch of arpeggios and other weird stuff. It’s going to be brutal.
            It’s okay! I’m sure you’ll be able to manage your schedule. How many clubs did you join?

          • For me, three miles take about 26-30 minutes to complete and I can run them without stopping, but eight miles is hard for me. I sometimes take water breaks at fast-food restaurants, most of them are okay with me taking a little water, though one of the employees at the pizza place I stopped by gave me a dirty look…
            Maybe I’ll fly over to you just to take your food! Do you get the flavor blasted goldfish or the original goldfish? For the longest time I only at flavor blasted goldfish, good times, good times.
            That’s a good idea! I should just eat candy before a race, I’ll be so hyper by the time I start I’ll rocket out of the starting line!
            I think we might dissect a few things, I’m not too sure yet. I just really hope I don’t have to cut eyes like you did, I don’t think my stomach will be able to handle that. Was it sickening? I feel a little queasy just thinking about gooey marbles!
            Seven years! That’s a long time! Good luck, I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂
            I officially joined two clubs but my friend’s trying to get me to join the Key Club. Maybe I’ll be able to…

          • Why exactly would someone be mean enough to give you a dirty look? That’s hardly the nicest thing to see while you’re working your butt off. Anyways, that is probably far more running than I ever could do. Eight miles sounds insane. That must take at least an hour and a half…
            I just get the original goldfish. Are the flavor blasted goldfish like the ‘chocolate’ and ‘honey’ brands? I’ve tried those, and they’re actually pretty good. I had a friend who would eat red and green goldfish for lunch every day for the longest time. Perhaps that was some sort of Christmas flavour or something? I’m a little surprised you used to eat goldfish so often. I mean, there’s not that much sugar in them, you know. 😉
            We didn’t have to cut eyes, don’t worry. We had to cut them OUT, yeah, but at least we didn’t have to cut them. For grade nine we didn’t dissect anything, I don’t think. The animals were all done in grade ten and eleven, and after that I gave up on taking sciences.
            It was very sickening. You get gloves and stuff, but you still have to pick the frog up out of a container and hold it steady to cut open, and the insides smell TERRIBLE. I’d recommend a noseplug.
            What were the two clubs you joined? Is one of them track, or is that separate? And what is the Key Club, by the way? We don’t have that here.
            Also, do you have facebook?

          • I was actually pretty surprised to find out we would be running that far, but I got used to the idea of running several miles.
            Flavor blasted goldfish are the best! They’re pretty salty (I love salty and sweet things, it can go either way for me). They’re like chocolate and honey goldfish but I like them more than the others. Christmas flavors are fun, they make you feel festive while you feast on mini snacks!
            For some reason I can’t stand the thought of even touching an eye, even if it’s just cutting it out. It took me forever to get used to putting my contact lenses in, I was so afraid of touching my eyeball!
            You also dissected frogs?! I just shivered, maybe I’ll feign sickness if I ever have to cut open a frog…
            Track/Cross country are separate, they’re sports so they take the place of my gym class. But I have to do clubs during my free time, which is usually during lunch. I joined the Programming Club and the Web Design Club, they’re both really fun!
            Key Club is basically a community service club, over the weekends you go out as a group and do community service. But you’ve got to reach a certain amount of hours each semester or so if you want to stay in it. I didn’t join it because it would get in the way of cross country practice.
            And yes I do!

          • Every day when I would get home from school, I would sit down and read with a bowl of goldfish. I’m not sure how nerdy that must sound, but whatever. My mom recently bought the chocolate and honey flavoured goldfish and I agree .They’re amazing. What’s your favourite flavour?
            Oh man, you wear contacts? I could never put in contacts myself. I once had to put my finger to my eye and rub it around to get an eyelash that had become stuck to my pupil. That was gross as hell.
            I can hardly imagine having to put something in your eye day after day. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. Seriously, if you’re going to have one body part squished, your eye is probably the last thing you’d want to choose.
            Yup, we dissected frogs. Just don’t come that day… although you probably won’t have to worry about it this year. It’s grade ten stuff, I think. Just don’t get into bio. 🙂
            You should totally design a web for cat pictures. Cats are the cutest freaking thing.
            The Key Club sounds a lot like this Interac Club we have in our school. You go and help their community centre with stuff, and feed the homeless. I’m not sure if you have deadlines though; it’s a ‘come one, come all sort of thing. Do you guys have to do community hours in order to graduate?
            We have started doing poetry in Writer’s Craft. Poems are pretty easy, but I never like them. There’s always stuff that could be improved.
            Anyways, here is something I wrote:

            I feel –
            Love like a sunset
            Burning bright on the horizon
            Smouldering passionate hues
            You are the moon and I long for you
            Sunbeams dance across clouds
            A last gasp of rainbow colour
            I burn –
            A ball of chemical fire,
            Slipping beneath your sight
            Obscured by cold rock and millions of lives between us
            I cry for you, weeping gold
            Clawing at the last shreds of daylight
            Until I am sucked down and darkness overtakes me

            Also, dude, what is your facebook thingy! We must network! If you’re cool with that. I don’t wanna sound pressure-y or something. 😛

          • That sounds like the life! I’d love to be able to come home and just eat and read. The chocolate ones are really good, but I also like the flavor blasted goldfish. Too many choices! I can’t possibly decide.
            It’s so hard putting contacts in, and if there’s even a little speck of dust on the contact, it’ll bother you the whole day.
            I’m actually doing horribly in biology right now, it’s the only class I’m getting a C in *cries loudly*.
            I should design an animal website! That would be so cute, and everyone who visits the site can get free cats and puppies!
            That sounds just like Key Club! And I think the seniors and juniors might have to do community service. I don’t though.
            And though I’ve said this before, you’re really good at poetry!
            Yes, let’s network! My Facebook name is just Faith Kim but I think there’s about 500 Faith Kim’s in the world… So here’s the link to my Facebook:

          • My mom used to wear contacts when she was a teenager. Apparently one time, while cleaning them, she accidentally used dishwasher detergent instead of the glasses cleaner, and when she put the contacts in her eyes they burned her for, like, an hour. So, uh, don’t do that. It probably hurts.
            ONLY A C! No; what will you do? Tell you what, Faith. I shall try to help you with biology! Though I stopped taking it after grade 10, and and forget most of it now, I could still be of use. Maybe.
            What parts are so difficult? *awkward attempts to stop crying*
            Dude, I would totally visit a website for cute animals. I don’t think there’s a person on Earth who WOULDN’T want a free cat or puppy. Possibly Hitler.
            You’re pretty lucky. Some community service is fun, but you don’t really get to choose. I’m on DECA, our business team, so I don’t have to worry about that stuff.
            Thanks! I try my best with poems. Did I show you my SLAM poem by chance? With the guy, and his wife…
            Networking for the win! Your facebook account is very strange. No option to friend people, or anything. Is it, like, a mobile app account? I don’t understand technology. *joins you in crying*
            Anyways, here’s my Facebook. Enjoy!

          • Ouch! I’ll try to remember not to use dishwasher detergent for my contacts… though knowing me, I just might! I’d better watch out.
            I find that the Krebs Cycle was particularly difficult, the terms made no sense whatsoever!
            I bet even Hitler would want to visit a cat/puppy website. Who could resist that?!
            What’s the business team? It sounds tough!
            I haven’t read your SLAM poem yet, but it sounds neat. Send it over!
            Oops, I may have sent you the wrong link. Please forgive me for I am Facebook-lame and I can’t seem to get anything right on there. I end up blocking people by accident and such. It’s not pleasant. But I was able to friend you!

          • Candy? Did someone say candy? Ahaha, but I think we should just talk on Facebook now. Maybe one day I will send you candy…

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