This is a short story I wrote on the way to school today. Today is my first day of high school, yay! So I hope you like this short story!
Loud teenagers swarm the high school campus, talking amongst themselves and greeting others in excited tones. Through the confusing babble, there is one question that can be heard above all, ‘where did this summer go?’ These students have all had their share of fun over the hot summer break, and they eagerly share their stories to anyone who will stop to listen. Most of these teens appear to know each other, yet there are few who do not find a place in the crowds, they are currently friendless.
There is an air of loneliness to these friendless teenagers, some of them have come from far away, unable to become acquainted with anybody in the short time they’ve been here while others just don’t bother to make any friends. But, subconsciously, all these kids want friends. At least one friend.
So, how does one go about making a friend? Much less a long lasting friend. Well, it sometimes can just start with becoming seat partners in class, or maybe a small smile from across a crowded hallway. Whatever the cause, it is sure to change these friendless kids forever.


3 thoughts on “Friendless

  1. Hey there Faith. I haven’t been around here much lately, but that’s because I kind of stopped blogging for a short time. Quite a long time actually. I’m glad to see you’re still here. I just wanted you to know that I am still here, reading your posts. I’m excited to see what that future holds for you.

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