Reminisces From My Meet

Hello all! I am back, kind of. I’ve been so busy and unable to write or draw anything. It is so sad. But I’ve been doing fun stuff so it’s not too bad.
Back to the topic of this blog post though, for those who don’t know, I’m on my high school’s cross country team! That means I get to run everyday! I actually like it, but some people think I’m crazy. I’m also pretty decent at running. And on Thursday, the 17th to be exact, I thought I was going to do great.
Turns out I was wrong.
Here’s what was going through my head during this entire fiasco:
Today’s going to be the day. Today’s going to be the day I’m finally going to get second place in my meet. I just know it! The siren just rang and I’m off to a great start! Speeding off, ahead of the pack, let’s go, Faith!
One mile in and I’m still going strong. But wait, what’s this tension in the back of my throat? The excitement? The pride?
I quickly veered to the side of the trail, afraid of what was to come.
A horrible gag later; everything I had eaten in the past hour flooded out- Gatorade and lots and lots of gummy bears. Beautiful. Sweat, snot, drool, and even a few tears streamed down my face in a symphony of pain as I, to my own surprise, picked myself back up to run onward. But my pace slowed down and I’ve being passed by people left and right. It’s not going well for me and I know it as I mourn over the loss of time and place between each gag.
By the time I stumble to the finish line, I’m snorting, panting, choking, and sweating even more than usual. In other words, I’m a complete mess.
In the words of one of the team captains, “Go, go, go till you blow.” Well, buddy, I went, went, went, blew, then died, died, died at the very end.

So that’s what happened Thursday. It wasn’t pleasant and I worried everyone, even people on the other cross country teams. My goal hadn’t been reached, but there’s always next week! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep everything down then.


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