To me, blue is when you close your eyes while listening to your favorite song as you allow a pleasant nap to sneak up on you – the kind to leave you feeling refreshed and calm. A soft color of complete tranquility and relaxation. Where you lay on your back under the warm sun on a cloudless day, and stare up at the limitless sky while feeling content with the world. The feeling of perfect control over everything in your life. When a sight, sound, or scent lulls you to wonderful nostalgia and you bask in your memories. That is the color blue to me.


2 thoughts on “Blue

  1. i too feel a sense of absolute peace when i think about the colour blue, like you i too feel like i am lying on my back and gazing into the endless sky or sitting on the beach, as the ocean waves reach out and touch my body and I am just watching the ocean’s blue meeting the sky’s blue 🙂

    a realm of absolute peace!

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