What Owning Dogs Has Taught Me

Selfies with my puppies.

Selfies with my puppies.

In honor of national dog day (which was on Tuesday) I decided to dedicate this post to my precious babies (my puppies).

My family has had a total of three dogs. Our first one tragically died during our year in Texas, it was so sad and if you were to ever talk to my mom about it, she’d probably tear up and change the subject after describing how good of a dog our first baby was. It was heartbreaking. Once we managed to recover, we received two little sisters. Their names are Alice and Olivia and they are the cutest things ever.

My family has been owners of dogs for about five years now, so that basically makes us experts on the subject. Of course, owning a pet can really change the way you look at animals, and here are some of the things I’ve noticed about owning dogs.

1. They have feelings. This may sound strange but before owning dogs, I never really thought of animals having feelings or preferences. My first dog taught me that not only do they have feelings, but they’re also very adamant about what they like or don’t like. He didn’t like to be pet while eating and he didn’t like to have his paws touched at all. Our dogs now have very picky tastes and the fatter one picks and chooses what she wants out of her kibble.

2. They have their own personalities. Again, this was something I never thought of before owning dogs. My current dogs fight a lot yet cry when they’re without each other. The fatter puppy, Alice, is a feisty girl who doesn’t like to be touched too much while Olivia, the skinny one, is timid and shy. She sometimes will just sit next to you just because she wants to be close. Alice, on the other hand, prefers to be alone yet wants you there when she needs it. Alice loves car rides, sometimes she tries to hang outside the window and we have to drag her back into the car, Olivia will shake and throw up the first minute she steps into a car.

3. THEY LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You could step on them and they’ll come back to you with the same adoring eyes they always have. They just stare at you with a loving look, and sometimes, when you’re sitting on the couch, they’ll move to your side just to be close to you.

4. It’s like they know when you’re tired or sad. It’s soul comfort when they curl up into your lap after a long day. They know when you’ve had a bad day and they know just how to help you.

5. They’re family. The reason my family was so devastated after the death of my first dog was because we loved him as if he had been with us since the beginning. Even with our dogs now, it feels as if they were born right into our family, and we love them as so.

Some believe owning a dog is just saving another dog from a kennel. I believe that owning a dog actually saves the owner rather than the puppy, they will love you unconditionally, forever. They will even love you more than they love themselves.


This is Alice after we gave her a bath.


Alice on the left, Olivia on the right.


3 thoughts on “What Owning Dogs Has Taught Me

    • Three dogs! That must be like heaven, when they’re not fighting ahaha. I guess before owning puppies you never really think about them having personalities and such. They’re so great though, I love them so much!

      • Lols yep ^^ but two of them are puppies still, and they sure don’t understand the meaning of personal space with their childish, adoring innocence of theirs!

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