Faith Kim is just another student who sleeps and eats too much. She goes by the name Faith, Kim, Faith Kim, Monkey Faith, or Monkey. Although she calls herself a monkey, she loves dogs. She started this blog when she was in eighth grade. Sometimes she looks back at old posts and cringes, sometimes she laughs, usually she feels pride since she knows she’s grown from excessive comma uses and cringeworthy attempts at humor.
Faith loves to write and hopes to one day publish a children’s novel.

Read her current story here:

The Captured Princess (Tentative title)
Princess Beth has been coped up in a mansion her entire life protected by her best friend Joy who also happens to be a dragon. Beth may be the Crown Princess of the entire world but she has yet to see it. So what happens when she forces invites a stranger from the outside world into her home? (Tentative summary)

Chapter One

And if you must read the story started when she was 13…

The Ringmaster:

Alison Walker was a normal teenager; at least, until she found out she was a Ringmaster from a secret organization specializing in abnormal events and keeping peace on Earth. Now she has to help save the Earth from the Army- an armed group of metal men created solely to see the destruction of the world and Ringmasters. And, of course, the leader and creator of the Army: the General.

Chapter One

Faith also wrote a book calledย The Extrasย in eighth grade.


The Extras (quite painful to read but still considered an achievement)

Winner of NaNoWriMo 2012


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    • No problem! I’m a new writer so it would be great if you followed me back ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks again for your comments!

    • That’s true, I can say my crazy dreams do fuel my actual goals! Thank you for helping me by reading my stories! Go monkeys!

          • But who doesn’t love a short and fat Italian in red? I always liked Mario’s mustache with the ruffles and all.

          • Oh I like Mario too. It always amuses me when he goes ‘itsa me, Mario!’. His voice… my lack of maturity…
            Alas, it always saddens me when he dies. Plus, he’s nowhere near as short and fat as Wario. *Shudders

          • I love that too! I was just playing Super Mario Bros on my DS (why do I still play it?!) and I love it when he says “ma ma mia!”
            Yikes, Wario, I never liked him, or Birdo for that matter. They were too fat for my likes.

          • Oh man do you have Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii? Wario’s character is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
            It’s ok to play old DS games, man. Go childishness! I watch Teen Titans reruns on youtube.
            Walluigi is kinda ‘bleugh’ too.

          • I love Super Smash Bros Brawl! But I don’t have it ah! Wario is so funny
            I too watch Teen Titans! My favorite was Raven but I always liked the Robin and Starfire pair, they’re so cute. I also watch Danny Phantom on Netflix, I think it’s ok to say I love Danny, he’s so adorable.
            Waluigi always reminded me of Robbie Rotten in Lazy Town, did you ever see that show?

          • Raven was the best, without a doubt. Danny Phantom… I remember that show – that was the greatest. I should probably start watching those again. I’ve too much to re-watch. Cos I’m re-watching some of the old Kim Possible shows. The villains… killed me…
            I remember Lazy Town, sorta. Was it on PBS?

          • Kim Possible! Ah I love her, she’s so kick butt it’s awesome and I was a fan of Shego too, but Dr Drakken, “you think you’re so great but you’re not!”
            Yeah PBS, I was a little too old to really love Lazy Town but my mom was in love with Sporticus so she forced us to watch it.

          • I loved Shego’s family. I would literally laugh out loud when they were onscreen. And the old guy, Senor Senior, or something.
            Did you know that Drakken’s the guy who does Bender from Futurama?
            Man, your mom liked Sporticus. That’s a priceless childhood memory right there. Priceless.
            Hey did you ever see Megas XLR?

          • Seรฑor Senior Jr was hilarious, I always laugh when I see him, it kills me.
            What! Drakken’s Bender?! I didn’t even know!
            My mom still talks about him, “oh he’s so hot! Despite being short.”
            Megas XLRโ€ฆ sounds familiar but I don’t think I’ve watched it, what’s it about?

          • Yeah! Drakken’s Bender and Jake from Adventure Time.
            The crazy thing is that Spongebob’s the Ice King…
            Megas XLR is the one with the giant robots. In Jersey. And the main character’s the fat blonde guy who always eats…
            Ringing any bells?

          • Jake from Adventure Time too?! That guy sure knows how to get around! I personally like the voice actor for Finn.
            Spongebob and Ice King?! How do you know all this?
            And I remember Megas XLR now! I sometimes saw it after my Pokemon show!
            โ€ฆ my mom is snickering in the background saying that this should be kept in the closet. I have no shame. No shame at all, I’m proud of this!

          • Well, I was looking up Adventure Time one time and I decided to see what else the voice actors did. I know a lot of useless trivia, I’m afraid. ๐Ÿ˜›
            Megas XLR was honestly my favourite cartoon of all time. It just… it makes me laugh so hard still. AND DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED! BE PROUD! You know good TV.

          • But it’s interesting trivia! It sure helps a conversation, I should learn this stuff, help me out when I can’t continue a conversation.

          • Ehh, nobody I know likes trivia. They like to hit one another and do stupid crap like set things on fire (my school is supposedly high-rated, but you wouldn’t believe it from the kids that go there).
            I think Spongebob is also Patchy the Pirate (the live-action guy who does the specials) but I’m not sure. And he was in Teen Titans, and the old Batman cartoon (he was the Penguin).
            No. No shame. Cartoons were so much better when we were little.

          • Someone set your school on fire? Sounds like it happens everywhere, sadly, here, they throw stink bombs and TRY to lite trash cans on fire, but they even botch that, they’re too dumb. It seems to be apart of the middle school/high school life.
            Sounds like SpongeBobs been everywhere, who did he voice for?

          • Nah, they set plants on fire, not the school. And make napalm, cause NOTHING could go wrong there. I stopped talking to that lot after grade ten. It appears we are the smart ones in our respective schools.
            That’s the link to the voice actor of Spongebob.
            Oh dear god he’s the little blue robot in Transformers… the one that humps Megan Fox’s leg. Excuse me while I go die of laughter.

          • Oh geez, I have a criteria that people must meet before we become friends, even then, I’m still judging them. Is it bad that I feel like I’m the smartest in the entire grade?
            Tom Kenny was Rainbow the Clown in Powerpuff Girls? And the narrator! I love this guy! And I didn’t even know it was the same one!
            I just had several fits of laughter, I can’t believe he’s Wheelie from Transformers!!

          • Nah, I’ve got sort of a criteria too. I feel as though most people in my grade are immature and childish. Not in a ‘I watch cartoons from when I was little’ way. That’s quirky. Nothing wrong with that. Instead it’s in a ‘I like stupid humour and will act without a trace of dignity or intelligence.’
            Am I meeting your criteria, by the way? ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Oh man the Wheelie thing cracked me up. I need to look up other voice actors now. This is just so amusing.

          • Indeed! Everyone my age wants to get approval from their friends so they do stupid things, it makes me cry in frustration.
            Lets just say that, because of you, I am now thinking about instituting a new criteria. Must love Spongebob. Must know trivia about voice actors. Do you, by any chance, want to move to California and BFF?
            I’m now into looking up voice actors, my new hobby.

          • The stupid people aren’t as bad as the people who pretend to be mature, then act just as stupid. Like, the ones who shake their heads when their friends blow up a trash can, but refuse to socialize with anyone who has more class. I feel your pain very much, though I sadly do not have a teleportation device to go to California with.
            Don’t worry! Thanks to the internet we can complain about our immature friends until the Apocalypse!
            Grey DeLisle (Vicky, in Fairly OddParents) is a pretty big voice actress too. She’s in an insane amount of stuff, like Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Lilo and Stitch…
            Speaking of Lilo and stitch… the voice actress for Lilo is the creepy dead girl in the Ring. I think my childhood just died.

          • Those types of people are the worst! The Internet is our friend, entertaining us until the Zombie Apocalypse!
            I just learned that the voice actor for Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen, also voiced Eeypore in Winnie the Pooh, Red Skull in Spider-man, and Klar and Zandar in Megas XLR!!
            I haven’t seen the Ring, being the scardycat I am, but yikes! Cute ol’ Lilo to a dead girl? Wow!

          • Woah, man the Optimus Prime guy’s Eeyore? That’s awesome!
            Sean Cullen voices the little red guy (Heinous) in Jimmy Two Shoes, Gus in Rocket Monkeys, and General Barrage in Detentionnaire. He also wrote these Hamish X books, which are great, and he’s on that Canadian Match Game.
            Speaking of Detentionnaire, that’s probably my favourite show in a long time. I find it’s very well thought out, where the plot is concerned.
            Wow man we’re such TV geeks, firing off voice actors back and forth at one another. Go internet! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Hamish Xโ€ฆ hmm I think I’ve seen it at the library! Now I’m going to check it out! I’ll also need to see Detentionnaire.
            In Pokemon, Ash Ketchum’s voice was a woman! Several women in fact!
            This is such a new thing for me, talking about voice actors over the Internet. But I like it! I’m now a TV geek!

          • Well, I’ve personally never had a conversation quite like this either. Never met anyone who shares my fascination with silly trivia. xD
            Timmy Turner (Fairly OddParents) is a woman also. So is Bart Simpson, which is fairly more weird.
            Nothing wrong with being a TV geek. Hell the fact that you even are interested in this stuff is pretty amazing to me. I’m not alone!

          • I know, this is a fun first for me too. I’m currently replying back in school, I find this trivia so funny, I’m laughing out loud in class.
            Bart’s a woman?! Wow, who would’ve guessed?
            Fred Savage, Oswald the octopus, also directed Hannah Montana and 2 Broke Girls! That show is hilarious. He’s not only a voice actor but a director.

          • *Bursts out laughing.
            In class? Damn, I didn’t realize I was so amusing. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Hank Azaria’s neat. He does a whole bunch of voices in the Simpsons ( Comic Book Guy, Carl Carlson, Cletus Spuckler, Professor Frink, Dr. Nick Riviera, Lou, Snake, Kirk Van Houten, the Sea Captain, Superintendent Chalmers, Disco Stu, Duffman, the Wiseguy… phew, lots of names), and he acts. He was in Night at the Museum 2 and Mystery Men and the Smurfs.
            Wow, Oswald the Octopus directed Hannah Montana. That’s great.

          • Yeah! My teacher was giving me weird looks, I bet she thinks I’m crazy now, if not already.
            I’m watching Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and wow, Dr. Drakken is in here, his voice I mean. He plays Zombozo the clown and another character, I forgot his name though…

          • OH MY GOD BEN TEN! I REMEMBER THAT SHOW! I liked the, uh, that witch girl with the white hair. Damn, I forget her name… Charmcaster! That’s it. I think…
            I liked those bounty hunters too, the weird faceless robot ones who got named after numbers. I remember Zombozo the clown – creepy bugger. That was Drakken? o.o
            Your teacher thinks your crazy? That’s not too good. Then again I’m not much better. For English we had to write a 5 page short story with a theme. I handed in a 14 page story, but couldn’t think of a theme, so I had the main characters discuss it in the last couple pages.

          • Charmcaster! She’s my favorite ever, especially in the Ultimate Alien one, she’s so obsessed with beating Gwen it’s funny. I still get freaky chills when Zombozo talks. I guess I have a slight fear of clowns too.
            That’s genius! It sums up everything in the end! I personally like it. My English teacher asked about the theme of my book and I had no idea how to answer. I didn’t even know I was supposed to think of a theme while writing…
            Timmy Turner and Ben? I hear the similarities! Wow. It seems like everyone is everywhere.

          • Charmcaster was great. Zombozo was just… creepy. He was a zombie clown. That’s like, the two worst things of all time combined into one. Though I don’t find clowns too scary, just startling. There was also Charmcaster’s uncle, the older guy. Hex. He wasn’t bad.
            I should start watching these again.
            The thing about my stories is that they’re really not that serious. Even when there’s serious stuff happening, I try to include dark humour. So in this one I didn’t have any real theme – I just wanted to write something funny. I had Nicki Minaj jokes, one character who broke the fourth wall several times, various bits of slapstick humour… there’s no theme to that!
            Oh, apparently they’re making a new Teen Titans show. I wonder if it’ll be good.

          • Zombie clowns, yikes. That’s just plain freaky. I liked Hex, he was cool. I’m addicted to these shows, hey, at least it isn’t drugs! That’s my retort XD
            Nicki Minaj jokes, oh I have to check your stories out!
            I heard about the new Teen Titans! I’m excited, hopefully it’ll be as good as the old one. Ah childhood memories.

          • Don’t worry; your retort is perfectly acceptable. I feel the same way. The new Teen Titans sounds interesting, because it’s more of a comedy than anything else. It might be good – I don’t know.
            Have you seen the new Looney Toons Show? It’s not even like Bugs Bunny – it’s a comedy similar to Seinfeld. And it’s hilarious! Honestly, I don’t even know why I find it so funny.

          • I love comedy, it’ll probably be my next favorite, since everything seems to be my favorite.
            I haven’t seen it! I’ve been meaning to, it seems so funny, I’m dying to see it.
            I just found out there’s another Avatar the Last Airbender, or something like it. Another I need to watch. I love Avatar, Katara and Aang all the way!

          • So long as Twilight isn’t one of your favourites. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Are you talking about the Avatar cartoon with Korra? I’ve only seen a few episodes, but that one’s pretty great.
            Did you see the movie? I actually haven’t, which I’m disappointed about. Then again, it was by that Shyamalon guy, and he’s not that good a director.
            I’m not that big of an Avatar fan. *Sighs. I really don’t know that much about it, other than the fact that the bald kid’s super-powerful.

          • Ugh Twilight, no way. Never. I tried to read it but I never saw what everyone else loved about it.
            Oh yeah, Korra! That’s the name, gotta remember that.
            The movie was not my favorite, it was actually a huge disappointment for me, I did not like it at all.
            The bald kid is so funny, I like bald kids with blue arrow tattoos on their heads. XD

          • Is the bald kid Aang? He’s an airbender, or something. I know that much.

            I actually watched almost none of the famous mainstream anime/manga shows. Never seen Dragon Ball Z, hardly ever seen Naruto or Avatar, only occasionally watched Pokemon and Digimon. I saw a lot of Yugioh though (I watched the entirety of season 1 and 2)

            I remember Cybersixx, weirdly. It was an odd show.

            Good. You don’t like Twilight. I salute you. By the way thank you for your compliments on my book. I’m glad to hear you liked it! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Yup, he’s bald and bends air. So cool.
            I’ve also never seen Dragon Ball Z, they’re the ones with crazy eyes and hair, I think. Naruto either, when I found out about it, there were so many episodes, it was overwhelming. Cybersix was strange, I only saw a few episodes but nothing too long.
            *salutes back* I love your book! When it gets published, I’ll be the first to buy it, you will publish right?

          • Dragon Ball Z is the one with those super-muscular dudes. That’s all I know. Everyone looks like they’re on steroids, honestly. I have absolutely NO idea what Naruto’s about.
            Do you read any manga or watch anime, by chance?
            Well, originally I made this blog with the purpose of seeing how the book is viewed by other people. Thus far it seems to be pretty well-liked. I’ll probably post it all and then ask however many followers I have at that point whether not its worth a try to get it published.

          • It’s not healthy those guys. Ahaha, I read a lot of manga and watch a lot of anime. I actually picked up on some of the Japanese language watching anime. I’m not even Japanese but I know more of it than my own culture’s language.
            Thats a good idea, I was going to publish The Ringmaster as my first book, but I got sidetracked and published a different book instead! XD

          • I read some manga, and I want to read more but never seem to find the time. I read all of Death Note, and Hellsing, and that’s about it, really. I’ve read bits and pieces of other stuff, but nothing fully.
            I watch anime with subtitles. I like the Japanese voices, though I’ve yet to pick up any words. You know more Japanese than your own culture’s language? Nice job, man. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Nice! You published a book? Self-published, or, like, actually got a publisher to print it? I tried publishing a book when I was younger, but I don’t like it anymore (my writing back then was worse) so I stopped.

          • Lately, it’s been harder for me to read manga too, sad because I love manga. I’ve read a little of Death Note and it’s amazing.
            I swear there are only 5 people in Japanese voice acting for anime.
            I self-published, I wanted to get a publisher but it was so overwhelming, I stuck to a simpler route. I was reading some of my stories from way back in time and wow. xD Not my best times, but it did lead up to this, so I have to be thankful.

          • Death Note is one of the greatest things I’ve read, honestly. How come you’ve had more trouble reading manga recently? No time? I’ve not been able to watch a lot of the anime or stuff I wanted to because of time constraints.

            5 people? Woah man, that’s so few…

            Getting a publisher is crazy. You have to write a query and get agents and then hope they can publish the book. It’s hectic, which is why I’d rather blog my own novel beforehand, to see if its worth the effort. I was planning to write a blog anyways, so it fits.
            Hey, I thought NaNoWriMo will publish its winners’ novels automatically, or something. Does that not go into effect anymore?

          • I’ve had no time to read manga and what I do, I get so into it, I could waste an entire weekend reading a really good one and get nothing done. Oh the struggle xD
            Wow, I’m glad I avoided the publisher thing.
            In NaNo, you can choose if you want your story published. And you can also decide if you want it to be sold everywhere or if you just want a single copy sent to you. I chose the one where it’s sold everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Aww that sucks. I devour manga when I get them. I used to read the series in our school library; I wouldn’t even eat I’d be so engrossed.
            Ahhh that makes sense. I can hardly imagine people not wanting their work to be sold everywhere. Then again, i suppose they might not be proud of it if it has editing errors or stuff. Then they should use a pseudonym; no problem! xD
            Have you ever played Portal, by any chance?

          • I like to think of manga as candy, it’s fun while it lasts then the sensation is gone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it melts in your mouth then is gone forever.
            I’m proud of my book, typos and all!! I use it as bragging rights and my English teacher isn’t very happy. She’s trying to fail me, I swear she is!
            I haven’t played Portal, but it looks fun! The only first person games that I ever see are first person shooter, oh the joy. But I just searched Portal and it looks interesting, I think she might let me get it, she likes puzzles too.

          • I’ve been lucky in English. I’ve got a teacher who doesn’t really care WHAT I do. So I just sit around all day in class and write and she doesn’t mind because what I turn in is usually good. Plus she likes my stories. I’m sorry to hear your English teacher wants to fail you. That’s not good. Maybe she’s jealous of your win? ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Portal’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. Not just because of the puzzles but the actual plot. The AI, GLaDOS, is one of the best characters I’ve ever seen. It’s a really clever, funny game. It’s made by the guys who do the Half-Life and Team Fortress games, if you’ve ever played those.

          • Wow, I wish I had your teacher, she sounds awesome. I told my teacher to read my blog and my stories and she said she doesn’t have any time to read my workโ€ฆ I bet she’s just jealous.
            I love Team Fortress games! They’re awesome! Now I’ve gotta get Portal.

          • Aww… sorry to hear that, man. Do you have a ‘Writer’s Craft’ course at your school, or just plain old English? And do you guys have to learn Shakespeare like we do? Ah, how I loathe learning Shakespeare.
            Team Fortress is awesome! Though I haven’t played it in a long time. I don’t really do much multiplayer gaming.

          • No, sadly, I only have plain English class. We talk about Shakespeare sometimes but it’s not really apart of the lesson plan so we don’t spend too much time on it. I’ve only read one story of his, and that was Romeo and Juliet. It was okay, but it’s kinda dull.
            Do you have Writer’s Craft? Is it interesting?
            Multiplayer gaming always makes me irritated, when I play with my brother, we usually end up fighting. Then it just goes off from there.
            Why don’t you play multiplayer games?

          • Shakespeare’s terribly dull, I’m afraid. We’ve read three plays; Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Othello, and they’re all boring, utterly boring.
            I’m taking Writer’s Craft next year. It’s basically this course where you learn how to write various things. Stories, newspaper articles, nonfiction… there’s none of that literary analysis stuff that normal English entails. It’s all writing. You’d probably love it.
            See, I don’t really play multiplayer with my own (younger) brother because he never wants to. And when we do he acts SO incompetent, and I end up quitting in frustration.
            I don’t play online multiplayer games because of the lack of people I want to play it with. I know practically no gamers, other than people who are obsessed with shooters. And I don’t like any of them very much. They’re on the ‘immature doofus’ side of my friends.
            I mean I’d LIKE to play multiplayer games. I just have nobody to play with. *Cries

          • He is kinda boring. And it’s hard to understand what he means sometimes, or it might just be me.
            Now I wish I could take a Writer’s Craft! It sounds amazing, I could definitely benefit from a course like that. You’re so lucky to take that class!
            Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, little brothers are so annoying, it’s like they live to frustrate us!
            I feel ya, man. Everyone who plays multiplayer games are childish and I feel that they think I’m boring because I don’t like shooter games like them… I’ll cry along with you, there’s nobody. *sob*

          • Don’t worry. Nobody has any idea what Shakespeare was saying. Our books had little translations on the side for phrases that made absolutely no sense. I just wikipedia’d the plot in the end. Much easier.
            See! Knew you’d like Writer’s Craft. Don’t worry I’m sure your school has something that teaches creative writing. Maybe? I hope?
            Little brothers are the worst. Evil little gremlins, they are.
            Aww it’s okay. I feel your pain, dude, I feel your pain. What games do you like to play? I prefer puzzle stuff and platformers over shooters like COD. And you’re not boring, just eccentric.
            That was a compliment. For the record, I suck at compliments.

          • I love those helpful translations, they’re great but Wikipedia is even better!
            Hopefully, I will have the class next year, I’m praying for it.
            My brother gets his kicks out of insulting others, but I must admit he has a few good comebacks.
            Puzzles are my absolute favorite, I like solving riddles. Like: there was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it? I love those.
            I like that compliment, eccentric- my new favorite word! I think we’re both a little unconventional.

          • Writer’s Craft is a grade 12 course up here in Canada. Yes, I’m Canadian. Forgo the moose jokes. And we don’t always say ‘eh’.
            Though we DO apologize quite a bit. Or maybe that’s just me…
            Damn, that riddle question…
            I want to say a pregnant woman wearing green… but that’s almost certainly wrong. Damn, fine, I give up. You win this round.
            Here’s one of my favourites. What can run but never walks, Has a mouth but never talks, Has a bed but never sleeps, Has a head but never weeps?
            Unconventional is good. If you ever run out of people to play puzzle games with I shall try to help you.

          • I just found out, next year, I can take a creative writing class. Sounds like a lot of fun! Do you see moose? I’ve got a few apologies I should make, but refuse to do…
            I just choked on my food, I thought the exact same thing about the pregnant woman when I first heard the riddle. But, sadly, it’s not. It’s a watermelon!
            Oh, good one- is it a river? I think I’ve heard that one before.
            My old time favorite is: “What gets wetter as it dries?”
            I seemed to have stressed my friends out with all my riddles, so thanks for the offer, I’ll be coming to Canada soon, looking for answers to my riddles and maple syrup for my pancakes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • I saw a moose once. And several deer when my family went vacationing in Quebec. I’ve yet to see an actual Mountie though, which is pretty damned odd, seeing how we’re famous for them.
            CONGRATS ON FINDING OUT YOU HAVE A CREATIVE WRITING CLASS! THAT’S AWESOME! I think I may just hand in stuff I previously wrote for projects when I don’t have time to make up something new. Heh, heh, let’s just keep that between you and me. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Oh snap… a watermelon makes perfect sense. And river is the correct answer to my own riddle.
            For your newest one… is it a towel? It’s either a towel or a sponge; I forget which of the two is correct.
            Here’s a tough one.
            ‘The man who built it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. And the man who needs it doesn’t even know he’s using it. What is it?’
            Be sure to buy a beaver hat if you come to Canada. And check out our CN Tower, Canada’s only well-known monument. Go us! Wooo!

          • What’s a Mountie? That sounds like a dumb question, I apologize.
            I’m so excited for the writing class! I cried and hugged my mom with joy when she told me. And that sounds like a great idea, I think I’ll write a little extra just in case. This’ll stay between the two of us, nobody needs to know ๐Ÿ˜‰
            You’re right, the answer is a towel, and for your riddle, I really want to say feminine products, because the man who made it probably won’t need it, the man who bought it doesn’t need it either, and the man who needs itโ€ฆ oh, well I guess feminine products isn’t the answer after allโ€ฆ
            That’s all I got! I can’t think of anything else. That’s a tough riddle.
            I’ve always wanted a beaver hat, and the CN Tower was always a place I wanted to visit. Now I just need to convince my mom to let me go to Canada! Should be easy, right? Eh, maybe not, the more I think about itโ€ฆ

          • Mounties are those Canadian police officers who wear red and ride horses. You haven’t heard of them before? It’s alright; here’s a picture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:RCMP_officer_on_a_horse.JPG
            Woah man even I wasn’t that happy when I found out about writing class. Congrats! *Spontaneous applause. I’m sure you’ll love it! ๐Ÿ˜€
            Oh my god. The ‘feminine products’ answer made me laugh so hard. The correct answer is a coffin. The man who makes the coffin, well, he doesn’t want it. He’s going to sell it. The man who buys it won’t need it because he’s still alive. And the man who uses it is dead; hence, he doesn’t even know he’s in the darned thing.
            Great guess though. I loved it.
            Yes you must come to Canada and find some mounties and go see the CN Tower with them. I’m sure your mom would want to go. Everyone in Canada is supposed to be friendly and polite! Well, ‘supposed’ to.
            *Shakes head at immature classmates.

          • Oh, that’s what they’re called! How cool, weird you haven’t seen one before.
            A coffin is a better answer then feminine products, but it was the only thing I could think of, I quickly realized that it wasn’t right though…
            I suggest a trade of places, you visit Cali and I visit Canada. How fun would that be? Come visit our golden beaches with clear blue water, and grab some ice cream with a superstar! (I sound like I’m trying to advertise California…)
            Maybe it’s just me, but Cali seems a little overrated, I’ve been asked a few times if I’ve met Justin Bieber, nope girls, I haven’t, it’s not like he has time to visit me, or I might just be saying that because he hasn’t returned my calls.
            Immaturity seems to be everywhere, you can’t hide from it! It won’t be a zombie apocalypse it’ll be an immaturity apocalypse. Booger walls will be everywhere.

          • Yeah I’m shocked I’ve never seen a mountie. Except in cartoons. But that doesn’t really count.

            I don’t know if I’m fully tempted to visit California. Your endorsement was great and all, but I don’t know… what kind of superstar do I get to have ice cream with? Is it Betty White? I don’t want to have ice cream with Betty White. She’d make fun of my lack of a tan.

            Does everyone have a tan in California? Or is that just a stereotype? And how come people ask if you’ve met Bieber? He’s Canadian, for goodness sakes. He doesn’t really go to California that often.

            Ohhhhh you’re his stalllllkerrrrr. That makes more sense. I’ll lend you some duct tape if you like, in case you ever want to come to Canada to kidnap him. Just don’t let him go. You’d be unleashing a plague upon the world. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            The immaturity apocalypse sounds terrible. I’m running to Cali if it ever occurs. I need at least ONE ally.

          • You get to choose your superstar! And some of us look like the snow while others look like oranges. I think I’m in betweenโ€ฆ well, maybe a little more tan than snow actually. But, for the most part, I think many of us have tans- I might be able to say for sure if I went outside though.
            I said the exact same thing, it seems that people think because I’m in California I’ll meet foreign superstars, but many of them don’t even come here. And when they do, I never hear about until three weeks after they’ve left. I’m so out of the loop it worries me.
            I think I might come to kidnap Justin, seems it’ll do the sensible world a favor- but I don’t know if I can brave his fans knocking my door down, it sounds rather frightening.
            We’ll fight the immaturity apocalypse with dictionaries and rule books, we might have a chance!

          • Hmm, well, judging from your video post I’d say you had a slight tan. Not like, bronzed, or Jersey-Shore orange, but slight. Or maybe that’s just your skin tone; I’m not sure. I myself am pretty pale, mainly because I spend far too much time on the computer than is good for me. I should go and get a tan, though, knowing my luck, I’ll end up with a massive sunburn instead.
            It’s okay to be out of the loop. I have NO idea what’s going on most of the time. I just know enough to get by (Obama won your last election, right?). What you need to do is get a new loop. And then loop it around your wrist, or something, so you don’t lose it.
            Better yet, get a hula-hoop. Then you can stay informed AND in shape.
            I’m sure we could come up with a plan to kidnap Justin. Two heads are better than one, and all that. I bet we could come up with some sort of maturity gun, or something too. Maybe a projector that shouts ‘nobody finds you funny!’ into the ears of the doofus-zombie masses.

          • I think, at one point, I was pale, but now if I even spend five minutes in the sun I turn another shade darker. In the summer time I swear to you I could blend into the shadows. Maybe if you turn the brightness higher on your computer you could get tanner, that’s my project right now, although I can’t say I’m seeing much of a difference.
            Yes, Obama won, and I’m seriously thinking in investing in a hula hoop, who doesn’t want to be informed and in shape?
            It sounds like we have a good plan going, we might just survive this immature apocalypse!
            And since you live in Canada, have you ever had poutine? I saw a video about it and it looks delicious.

          • Woah… you’re a chameleon. A sunlight activated chameleon. You possess the power to blend in with all the tanned beach-folk whenever you walk outside. Sorry Spiderman, you just can’t compete with a superpower like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Hmm, the idea of using one’s computer as a sun-lamp IS a good one. Maybe I should get one of those lights they use to heat reptiles in the winter. Or open my window. I usually do, but my house is right beside another home, and its wall blocks out all the light.
            I have had poutine before, yes. And it is VERY, VERY good. That’s another reason to persuade your mom to take you to Canada. The poutine. We also have these cinnamon dough snacks called bear claws (or is it paws?) that they sell in Ottowa. And those are amazing.
            What’s a good American delicacy to ask you about? I honestly have no clue. I just keep thinking about various fast food meals. Had any good hot dogs lately? ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Yes, when I was very young, I was bathed in the sun’s rays and received magic changing powers. I now blend in with the tan people to find out their secrets, and I’ve heard whispers of an immaturity Apocalypse.
            My window is the same, I only get wind through, but it’s a nice feeling. The only thing I need to tan on my body is my feet, they’re horribly white in contrast to my tan-ish body, not pleasant.
            Oh, you’re tempting me to just run over to Canada right now- bear claws sounds amazing, I think I’ve got some drool on my computer, yikes.
            I, too, am stumped, when I think of ‘American delicacy’ I think of fast food joints. We have In&Out, but I don’t really consider that a delicacy. But if you ever come here, you should come with a craving for greasy food!

          • Okay, okay, go to the beach and set up a little umbrella, and just stick your feet out of the shade. Maybe stretch your toes or something, flip around… or just wear shoes so nobody can see your feet.
            But what if you have flip flops on! Oh no! You could be talking to someone and they could glance down at your feet and just be like ‘uh, okay then…’
            Be careful around those tanned people. If they start to catch on they’ll try and make you one of their own. It’d be like those James Bond deathtraps where he’s strapped to the chair and there’s a laser slowly moving towards him… except instead of a laser you’d have a sunroof.
            Yes! Run away to Canada and pole-vault over the border! You can do it! Have you ever seen any of the Total Drama shows? Just take inspiration from Owen!
            Hmm… I suppose there are regional delicacies. Like Louisiana and its Cajun cooking. Maybe California doesn’t have one. I went to America once to visit Disneyland when I was little, and we ate at Olive Garden, and I would KILL to go back. I love Olive Garden so much… but we don’t have it in Canada. *cries
            Any chance you want to smuggle me over the border?

          • The umbrella idea sounds very good, I’ll try it next time I go down to the beach!
            I usually wear sneakers because my dogs have eaten all of my flip flops *sobs*, they love eating shoes, but I bet I would blind anyone who looked at my feet, they’re so white it’s shocking.
            Hopefully, they won’t catch on, if I do get stuck in one of those traps, my ethnicity will probably change all together. But I’ve got something to fight them off, my blinding white pale feet! Temporarily stun them and run away.
            Total Drama! I’ve seen a few episodes of that show and I always crack up laughing, Owen is the fat one right? And he farts a lot? If I get my inspiration from him, then I’ll definitely be able to pole-vault!
            I’ve visited Louisiana and loved the Cajun, very salty, but great. And the voodoo stuff is pretty cool. Olive Garden is everywhere here, I wouldn’t mind smuggling you over, we’ll completely pig out.

          • You have dogs? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
            I have a cat. He’s twenty pounds, but not fat. Just really big. He’s literally the size of a raccoon. but super-nice! Actually, he’s part Maine Coon, which probably explains a lot.
            And he sits on me at night and tries to crush my head until I pet him. He doesn’t eat shoes though, just marshmellows, lasagne and olives.
            Don’t worry about your white feet! I’m sure that if you ever have to reveal them you can warn the people around you to put on some sunglasses beforehand. But don’t tell the James Bond villains. Otherwise they’ll tape some fluffy slippers to your feet or something and that’ll be the end of that.
            Yeah, Owen is the fat kid. Honestly, he makes me laugh so hard. There was this one episode there they had to compete in this daring challenge, and the one girl had to slurp jam from inside Owen’s belly-button.
            And there’s just this minute long sequence of the hosts pouring jam into Owen’s belly, and giving each other awkward looks because no matter how much they put in it won’t fill up.
            I’ve always wanted a voodoo doll. It would be fun to control minds, don’t you think? And okay, so, I’ll hide in a wooden crate and you just pick it up and carry it across when nobody’s looking.
            But remember to drill some airholes. Please…

          • Yup, two little dogs, they’re small, cute, and noisy.
            I love cats and Maine Coons are adorable. I wish I could get a cat but, unfortunately, my mother is allergic to cats, such a shame. And cats don’t seem to like me very much, once I met a cat that asked to be pet then tried to scratch my face off, it wasn’t pleasant.
            Lasagne? He sounds like Garfield! But I bet he’s nicer than Garfield.
            I’ll try to keep my feet a secret, I don’t want fluffy slippers taped to my feet, then I’ll be defenseless.
            I love Owen and his never ending belly button, maybe it wouldn’t fill up because he somehow was eating the jam…
            Mind control has always been a superpower I’ve wished for, flying as well.
            I don’t think I’m the right person to help smuggle someone across a border, knowing me, I’ll probably forget to drill holes… or worse, get your crate lost and you’ll end up on a plane to Russia.

          • Aww, it sucks that you can’t get a cat. Cats are the best. They’re so cute and fuzzy and cuddly! :3
            Dogs are just meh. I don’t really like big dogs that much, because of how loud and slobbery they are, and quite often I’m worried they’ll bite me. Little dogs on the other hand are great. I doubt I’d mind having one of those. Except for the walks… walking dogs seems like quite a bit of work.
            And my cat is totally like Garfield, except he’s really nice and is coloured black and white. Kind of like an oreo. He doesn’t let us pet his stomach though, despite it being so soft. :3
            Mind control’s a neat superpower. I’d want the power to understand how things work, like they have in that show Heroes. Heh, that’d be fun…
            I don’t want to go to Russia! It’s cold! I’ll freeze to death!
            Oh, uh, thanks for the nice compliments on your Very Inspiring Blogger award and everything. But, uh, for the record I’m a guy.
            Yes, Avery is a unisex name and I realize that in retrospect, but everyone thinks I’m a girl. And it’s totally awkward.
            Don’t worry, I’ll still try my best to tell you which nail polish looks better and all that stuff. Probably won’t be very good at it though.

          • Big dogs scare me, and they smell bad. When I take my dogs for walks, they go crazy, barking at random things and getting scared of leaves.
            I wish I had a cat like yours, I want an oreo-looking cat! It’ll constantly remind me of the sweets I’ll never get.
            I know, Russia is probably one of the worst places to end up, but the language is cool with the backwards letters and strange dashes.
            I’m very embarrassed right now, this is horrible! Will you ever forgive me?

          • Your dogs are scared of leaves? I say, it doesn’t sound like they’re the bravest of animals. But perhaps the leaves were making threatening gestures. They’re tricky, leaves. Sneaky little fellows.
            My cat’s scared of people who wear work boots. A year ago we had our upstairs bathroom renovated, and the construction workers made a shit-ton of noise. My cat hid in the basement the ENTIRE time he was so freaked out. And now whenever construction workers or maintenance people come to our house he hides under a bed for hours.
            He’s so cuuuuuuute. His name is Mr.Jingles and he is adorable. But I’m sure your dogs are very cute as well. :3
            Russia’s pretty bad, but on the bright side Vladimir Putin is badass. He goes around hunting bears and fighting fires while shirtless… and he’s their president! The worst country to ship me to is North Korea. Oh dear god… the horror…
            It’s completely okay! It’s alright if you mistook me for a girl, I don’t hold a grudge or anything. Of course I forgive you… don’t, like, panic and start hyperventilating in English class. It’s fine! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • You’re right! Those leaves might be harassing my little dogs, well I’ll show them, time to take out the leaf blower! Or it might just be that my dogs are scared of everything that moves… yeah, that’s probably it actually.
            Aw, that is so cute, how do you coax him out from under the bed? I once had to use a ball of yarn to get a cat out from under my uncle’s bed.
            Mr. Jingles sounds like the cutest cat ever! And props for the name, I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€
            And Vladimir Putin is totally macho, he does everything kick butt (I wish I could use another term but I’m rather young to be cursing…)
            I don’t think I would be able to get you into North Korea, their security is so tight. But if I were to get you there, you probably won’t ever get out- so I think being your smuggler isn’t the best idea, darn. I’ve always wanted to smuggle people into my country!
            Phew! I almost did start hyperventilating, that was rather embarrassing! >.<

          • Aww, poor doggies. You need to teach them to attack the leaves. Give them treats or something every time they walk through an Autumn forest without freaking out.
            Usually we coax Jingles out with treats. You know the ones where in the commercial the guy would shake the bag and the cat would, like, jump through a wall to get to him. Our cat LOVES those. He’ll even come running downstairs midway through napping if he hears us shaking the bag.
            Come on man, kick-ass isn’t that bad a word. It’s the title of a movie, for heaven’s sakes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ How young are you exactly, to not be able to curse?
            Oh god you read my story… please tell me I haven’t scarred you for life. o_o
            When you said I wouldn’t even by able to get out of the box I had this image of you just sitting on its lid, obliviously eating a sandwich, while I’m banging on the bottom and choking on the lack of air…

          • Your cat sounds so cute! My dogs do the same thing when they hear us rattling treats around. One of my dogs jumped onto my arm and just clung there because she wanted a treat.
            I’m 14 but I’m trying to not curse! I’m keeping a clean slate, but it might change once I get into high schoolโ€ฆ
            Your story is awesome! I’ll even say it, Anastasia can totally kick ass. Best vampire I’ve ever read about.
            What kind of image do you have about me? I wouldn’t do that! I’d be eating a box of pizza, not a sandwich, psh.

          • Oh my god that’s so cute! My cat will let me pick him up, but he’s lazy so he’ll try and slough in my arms and then slowly slide off if I shift my grip. He doesn’t even try to hold himself up.
            You’re not in high school yet? Oh, do you have a really early birthday or something? Weird, I thought you were older for some reason. Wait… that’s not something you say to girls… uh, I meant that in a positive way. ๐Ÿ˜›
            It’s all the more impressive, is what I’m saying. Two freaking books and you’re just 14. Great job!
            I didn’t swear much until high school… and my middle school was in this really urban area, where people all wore low rider pants and listened to rap and stuff. I liked it though, I was like the smart kid. And everyone would come to me for help. ๐Ÿ˜€
            Thank you for the compliment! Hopefully enough people like it to convince me to try and get it published!
            Oh man… pizza sounds good. You have good taste in food. Congrats. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • That is hilarious, I can just imagine your cat sliding around in your arms. My dogs fight me every time I try to hold them *cries* they don’t love me!
            Nope, I’ll be going into high school next year, just one more year! My birthday is really early and I’m older than a lot of my friendsโ€ฆ which means I get to start driving first! Ahaha, thank you, I’ll take it as a compliment! Maturity is what I go for ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Thank you! Hopefully, I can write more and more books! Until people can’t help but to read them, I’ll overflow the planet with my books! And that is my plan for ruling the world.
            Being the smart kid is awesome! People come with questions and when you answer them, you gain their trust, and then, at that point, you could probably influence them to do something, or is it just me?
            Pizza and burgers are the best, not together though. Fatty foods are the greatest, nothing tastes better than a burger after a long, hard day, sorry fruit, but you can’t beat that!

          • Aww it’s okay. I’m sure your dogs love you very much. Train them to sit in your arms, or something. Give them a treat every time they do it without a fuss. Is that how to train dogs? I have no idea.
            Woo! Driving first! I haven’t even gotten my G1 yet (in Canada G1 is a written exam you do before the G2 driving exam). I’m so lazy when it comes to driving, and I’m totally nervous about crashing into something. I’m nervous about a lot of things.
            I have a job this summer and I have to talk to customers and it’s SO DIFFICULT not to have a nervous breakdown every time I mess up. Ahh, I don’t want people to yell at me!
            And yes, it was supposed to be a compliment. You are very mature, as is your plan for world domination. You should write a book explaining why you’re the best, and then force everyone to read it.
            I sort of influenced people. I was like a minor celebrity. People recognized me because I was ‘smart’. So it was pretty easy to make friends, but I never really used smartness to influence others. That would be cruel… do it.
            And fruit, you can kiss my… donkey.

          • Well, if you put it that way, I think I might actually have a chance with my dogs! I’ve just got to find some treats.
            So, with the G1, you have to write about why you want to drive? I think we might have the same thing here, but I don’t know for sure.
            I’m pretty worried about driving too, but I have a feeling my parents are a little more worried than I am, my dad does not want the day I start driving to come. He told me something like I’ll probably crash because I would be trying to text and drive at the same time. At first, I took offense, but then I realized that I might actually do that.
            Aww, I don’t think people will notice a little mess up, but I also have this fear, people yelling is never a good thing!
            Yes! And the first person I’ll make read my book is you! Muahaha, prepare yourself!
            Although I’m not the smartest, people seem to think I am for some reason. They always ask me questions I don’t know how to answer, I’m not in geometry yet, don’t ask me questions about probability and transformations!
            You really should influence people, so far, I’ve gotten homework passes, food, and candy from people who owe me!
            What if my mom reads this? Noo, I didn’t take anyones homework passes, what’re you talking about?!

          • For the G1 we basically have a multiple choice test where they ask about street signs or rules. We don’t really have to say why we want to drive. They’re asking for the facts involving driving more than anything.
            I don’t really plan on getting a car. I kind of want to live in Toronto or another city when I’m older, so I can take subways and buses to places I need to go. Or walk. I like walking through Toronto, although I must admit it’s kind of dirty.
            Don’t text and drive! No! You could crash through a celebrity’s window or something!
            Unless that’s your plan…
            Did I just get threatened with a book reading? Dear god I’m going to wake up tied to a chair and you’ll just be standing there. ‘So… let’s start on chapter one.’
            Maybe they think you’re the smartest based on how you act. I know people who get 90’s but act like preschoolers. Your maturity makes people believe you’re a genius.
            You got FOOD? Damn…
            What’s a homework pass? We don’t have those in Canada. Also, I saw a tourism article for California. Everyone seemed to be active and outdoorsy. And then there’s you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • I’ve never ridden a subway, but I have been to the sandwich shop Subway! Walking everywhere seems fun, so does riding a bus. But, here, nobody really walks, they drive.
            Yes, my ultimate plan is to meet a celebrity by flying through their car window! “Is that you, Robert Downey Jr.? Sorry about the window, but can you sign my shirt?”
            I can just imagine myself doing that to you, sorry my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚ Muahaha.
            I have a feeling that’s why people think I’m so smart, because of my maturity, not really because I am smart. I’m just average smartness.
            A homework pass is just a piece of paper that you give to your teachers so you don’t have to do homework.
            And then there’s me, that girl who stays inside all day and tries to tan herself with her computer.
            Is everyone nice in Canada? I was watching How I Met Your Mother (I know, it’s not a reliable source) and in one episode Robin got a donut for bumping into someone. I want donuts for crashing into people.

          • You’ve NEVER gone on a subway? How about a train? I mean, you’re missing out on so much! They’re so nice and soothing! I’m afraid the sandwitch shop Subway does not compare.
            I don’t know if I’d want a celebrity flying through my window. What if it wasn’t down? They could be injured! I don’t want my only chance at meeting someone famous to be in court after they sue me for everything I’ve got. Though I would ask for an autograph beforehand…
            See! Maturity is a major cause for smartness. I don’t really care how smart an actual person is – it’s their maturity that matters in the end. You don’t get anywhere in life acting like an idiot, even if you really are smarter than three Einsteins and a Gallileo.
            This homework pass thing sounds neat. I’d love to get one of those. Are you like those people in rap videos, rolling on their beds of money… except in your case it’s a bed of homework passes.
            I don’t think everyone is THAT nice. We’re very friendly though, and we don’t need the crazy level of customer service America is supposed to have. I’ve never seen How I Met Your Mother, actually.
            And please have a little mercy if you’re planning to read the entire book to me. Perhaps let me out once and a while for a snack? Please? *Whimpers*

          • Well, I’ve ridden on a train before, once, and it was amazing, I went with my friends but all I could do was stare out the window.
            You do make a good point, I probably wouldn’t have enough money to pay for any damages they receive from flying into my window. I would also ask for an autograph if that did happen.
            Maturity really is great, you’re absolutely correct.
            Homework passes are great! I am a rapper rolling in money, well a girl rolling in passes. Either way, it’s wonderful, although my school year is going to end, so I probably should use them quickly. Go, go, go.
            Customer service is crazy here, even though I’ve never needed it, I sometimes hear my parents talking to our phone companies. From what I hear, it’s very frustrating, and half the time, nothing ever gets accomplished.
            Hmm, I guess I can let you out for a small bite, and I’ll find you some people to keep you company! That sounds like fun!

          • Was it like a Harry Potter train? I’ve only been on Subways. I’ve always wanted to go on a real-life train ride. Can you read to me on a train!
            Maybe you could charm the celebrity into paying for the damages for you. Aren’t you Californians supposed to be all social and clever? I saw it in this tourism commercial. Everyone was outdoorsy and nice. And tan. Even the computer nerd kid was tanned.
            Yeah school here ends in a month and a half. Like, June 22 or so. But then we have exams (high school troubles :P) so I guess it actually finished around the 27th.
            But you should start using your passes now. Usually the last few weeks of school don’t give homework. In Chem we’re so far ahead in the semester our teacher sometimes declares a ‘work’ period and puts on a couple episodes of House.
            Phone companies are the worst. My dad always threatens to switch to a different company if the person is taking too long. He scares them into talking to him.
            Yay! Eating! I could totally get Stockholme Syndrome from this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • To me, it seemed like a Harry Potter train, food carts came by and I got lots of candy! And I guess I could read to you on a train, while I look for people to capture.
            A lot of us Californians are social, and even though we can be nice, we can also be snarky at times. I must admit, I’m rather snarky. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But, for the most part, we’re all pretty nice!
            Many of my friends are tan, but I do know a few people who are super pale. Instead of tanning, they just get sunburns. I can’t remember if I’ve ever had a sunburn before- I don’t get sunburns I just get darker, it’s strange.
            We have about two weeks left of school, and I’m so excited for it to end!
            Are exams hard? They sounds intimidating! Do you study all day and night for them? High school sounds tough. It always looks scary on those t.v shows.
            I’ve never seen the show House, but it looks great, if it’s on Netflix I’ll definitely watch it. Netflix is the best. ๐Ÿ˜€
            My dad does the exact same thing, he did switch companies because the person was so rude. 0.0
            It will be all according to plan! Eat more! I’ll feed you homemade cookies, you’ll never want to leave me then.

          • I wish I could go on a train. My dad went on a train ride once, when he was younger, and he said it was really peaceful and scenic. Harry Potter trains are awesome!
            What does that work mean; snarky? I’ve heard it before, but for some reason the meaning eludes me. Is it like ‘sarcastic’? You don’t seem very snarky, as far as I can tell. Then again, maybe the snarkiness arises if I try to escape.
            I sort of tan. I’ll tan a bit, but then I won’t grow any darker and my skin will just get sunburned. I actually had a sunburned ear one time, and it hurt so badly I had to go to the doctor. Where I found out I had second degree burns. Yay!
            It’s weird that you just get darker. Hmm, one day you should try a science experiment. Just stand out in the sun for a week and see how dark you get. Maybe it’s part of your power to camouflage into Californian beach crowds. Your body realises it’s out in the sun and yells to its pigments; ‘quick! darken!’
            Only two weeks? Woah, I’ve got a month and a half. School ends early in America.
            High school isn’t too tough, actually. It’s similar to normal school, except you only do four subjects at a time. Exams aren’t particularly difficult either. As long as you remember the course material you learned earlier all you need to do to study is just look through your book.
            Homemade cookies!? For me!!!!??? If i wasn’t tied to this chair I’d hug you! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • I like trains, so quiet- the perfect place to plan world domination. Muahaha.
            I try to hide my snarkiness so I don’t scare people away, but there are times when I have to snap back a sarcastic comment. Don’t you dare try to escape or I’ll have to use my sarcastic powers on you!
            Ouch! That’s crazy, just because you were outside? Woah.
            I think if I stood outside for a week, I’ll turn black… there’s my hypothesis! Now I just have to preform the experiment over the summer. I’ll be putting my power to the test.
            Yay! You’ve just reassured me about next year. I’m rather nervous because I’m going to a high school that none of my friends are going to. I’ll be all alone *sob*. But I make friends quickly, keeping them seems to be a problem though…
            Also long as you don’t mind them super burned! I can’t really bake, or cook. I tried to make pancakes for my mom once and I set the fire alarm off 16 times trying to make just one pancake.

          • Trains are definitely a great place for world domination. I personally prefer zeppelins myself. I’ve always wanted to fly on a giant blimp.
            Well then, I shall try not to say anything to upset you. Or escape. Don’t want to get that mocking slow-clap.
            “So, I see you trying to hop away on that chair. Brilliant escape attempt Avery. Brilliant.”
            Pleasepleaseplease stand outside! You could become the world’s first black Asian! And if people give you strange looks, just give them a dose of your snarky powers.
            Your friends won’t be at your high school? That sucks. I only knew a couple people at mine, and I kind of regret not going to the one where my friends are. Still, it’s easy enough. You’ll be fine, so long as you don’t slack off or anything. Well, you could probably slack. I’m pretty lazy sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜›
            I can cook Kraft Dinner. That’s about it. SIXTEEN TIMES? Sorry, sorry, don’t be mad. I’m laughing very hard right now.

          • Zeppelins look so fun! Then I could look down on the tiny people who will soon become my loyal followers.
            I’m great at the slow-clap, it’s one of my favorite mocking techniques. The eye-roll is another one of my favorites.
            I’ve always wanted to be a black Asian without black parents… I must try this! You’ll hear of me everywhere, “Faith, the half black half Asian!”
            Ah, this gives me even more hope! I am so lazy sometimes, it’s terrible. But, sometimes, I’ll suddenly do everything. Clean my room, do my homework (I do it sometimes!), and other stuff. Those are the times when I get the most done.
            Kraft Dinner seems easy but I don’t trust myself to cook anything…
            I know, it’s pretty bad, I laugh every time I think about it. I can’t even wash dishes! I tried to once and nearly sliced my finger off with a knife.

          • Look down at your followers! Watch as they turn their gaze upwards to worship you!
            I love the eye-roll. Can you raise your eyebrows? I’m pretty good at doing that combined with mocking doubtfulness.
            See, that whole ‘black Asian’ plan would be awesome. You could go on TV and become famous. Join the cast of Jersey Shore or something. If you got screwed over by your boss you could go out in the sun for a week and then claim racial discrimination.
            You sound like me when it comes to writing. Even as I write this comment I’m internally cursing myself for not doing any editing. Alas, I only write when I’m really inspired. Otherwise I throw time away through procrastination. But don’t worry. You’re fun to talk to. It’s worth it.
            You clean your room? My room is, like, spotless. I don’t DO anything in here except go on my computer. There’s never anything to clean. ๐Ÿ˜›
            Nah man, Kraft Dinner’s fine. Heat a pot of water over a burner until it boils, add the noodles and stir until they’re soft, dump the boiling water in the sink with a strainer, put the pot of noodles back on the oven (preferably a cold part, so they don’t stick), add a bit of butter and the cheesy stuff (it comes in a packet) and stir until they’re all mixed together. Voila!
            Woah man, stay away from dishes. They’re out to get you.

          • I’m working on my eyebrow look, it’s getting there! My brother is pretty good at it, he always does it to me and it makes me want to slap him. Mocking doubtfulness is a good skill too.
            That’s a good idea! But I don’t know if I’ll fit in with the Jersey Shore cast…
            Yes! I love writing and I hate it. Argh the struggle. Procrastination seems to be my strong point, although it’s not a very good one. Yay, I’m fun to talk to! So are you, seriously.
            That’s my situation I cannot, for the life of me, understand how my room can get so messy when I literally sit in the same spot all day. It completely baffles me.
            Yum, I’m now hunting my kitchen for some Kraft Dinner, it’s gotta be here somewhere. I always get those cravings for mac and cheese when we’ve eaten all of it!
            And thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ I always get this warm fuzzy feeling when I see that I’ve been nominated for an award.

          • Okay, is it mean to suggest shaving your brother’s eyebrows off while he’s asleep? Probably. Ah well, I’ll do it anyways. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know firsthand how annoying it is to have that level of snarkiness in a sibling.
            You could totally fit in with the Jersey Shore cast! Just hit yourself over the head a couple times until your IQ is in the single digits. Then become the ‘smart’ girl everyone goes to for help. (The average Jersey Shore IQ is in the negatives)
            I hate procrastinating, but I never seem to have enough time in a day. Can’t talk to people and have a social life if I wish to also write stories. Not that I have much of a social life. Just talking to online people, cause you’re all more interesting than my class. ๐Ÿ˜›
            I have cravings for goldfish crackers for some reason. I love those damned crackers.
            Oh, and you’re welcome. I love getting the awards too. I mean, knowing that someone think’s you’re worth an award… priceless. I’m far too addicted to being liked for my own good. I’ve got a bit of depression, or borderline personality disorder. Not sure which. Ah well, it’s all craziness in the end!

          • I should shave those annoying eyebrows off. I’ll be so much happier if I did. Do you have any siblings? They’re so obnoxious!
            I guess I could do that, even after beating my head with a stick I would still be the smartest. Let’s do it together.
            Same here, a social life is something we must give up to write. But I’m fine with it. Wohoo, go online friends!
            Goldfish are amazing, for a while, that was the only thing I ate. I still eat them on a daily basis. Along with anything sweet. I’m addicted to sweet stuff.
            It is a good feeling!
            I know how you feel, I think I was a little depressed when I got a concussion. It took forever to get out of that slump, something I still feel depressed, not really fun I’ll say that. It is crazy.

          • I have one little brother. He was more obnoxious when he was little. Now he goes and hangs out with his ghetto friends. Mind you, I did the same when I was his age (he’s 13), but in high school I went to a different district (worst mistake of my life) and now I’m far more introverted.
            Okay, you hit me and I’ll hit you. This is like a team-building exercise. Then we can infiltrate jersey shore and get snooki fired… thus increasing the IQ of the entire world by ten or so points.
            Yeah dude, don’t worry about social life! You’ve got me! And a stick! And your book! Put ’em all together and you get… me with a stick and a book. Okay, not the coolest thing, but whatever.
            Hey, if you ever get published and become a bestselling author, would you want rabid fans? I mean, in one sense it’d be cool to be loved, but at the same time… I’ve read Misery.
            I love sweet stuff. And brownies. Oh my god brownies are the best.
            I’ve got some sort of depressive illness, I’m certain of that. It totally sucks, man. Hugs all around. Well… cyber hugs. Which are kind of sucky. You know I think Japan invented a hugging robot. Japan’s weird like that.

          • Ghetto friends areโ€ฆ interesting. Their slang is so weird, like they say “aye doe!” a lot even though I’m pretty sure “doe” is supposed to mean “though”. It’s all very confusing.
            Introverted is fine! Social lives are too much to keep up with, and I’d rather have a stick, you, and a book instead.
            Oh I’ve always loved team-building exercises! Snooki, you better watch out, we’re coming for you and your job.
            I think having a few rabid fans couldn’t hurt, I mean, who wouldn’t like having people devote their lives to you? It sounds pretty awesome. Yet scary if you really think about itโ€ฆ
            Brownies are the best, but the ones at my school taste more like cornbread than anything else. So do the cookies, it’s a crime to all sweets everywhere.
            *Hugs* Japan is lonely like that, but I want a machine like that, for when times get rough.
            YOU’RE WELCOME! ๐Ÿ™‚ You deserve it man!

          • What the heck does ‘aye doe’ mean? That’s weird. People here, the ghetto ones, say that someone is ‘cheesin’, rather than ‘bothering’ or ‘annoying’ them. It’s strange.
            Social lives are far too much work. But then I get lonely! Bloody depression, it’s an evil thing. Still, the whole ‘stick, you and book’ thing sounds awesome. So long as this isn’t harkening back to the ‘tie you up and force-read to you’ bit. Cause the only reason a stick would be used in that scenario is for hitting.
            Don’t hit me Faith! I’m scared of pain!
            Rabid fans are good so long as they don’t get overexcited and do some kidnapping spree or something. It’s a bit worrying too; they’ll probably attack anyone who gets close. YOU COULD USE THEM AS GUARD DOGS!
            Ugh, that sucks. Our school no longer sells fries or junk food because of this ‘healthy eating’ initiative. We have no junk food; it’s awful.
            YAY! HUGS! You totally need a hugging robot. Then you can read to it when I’m not around. Oh, and Japan has these weird body pillows with anime characters on them. It’s an odd country.

          • I’ve never heard ‘cheesin’ how weird. People confuse me, maybe that’s why I don’t want to socialize. If you ever feel depressed just remember that you’ve got me and a stick! What more could you want? ๐Ÿ˜€ Okay, I’ll try to keep my force-reading and hitting habits under control!
            Oh, using rabid fans as guard dogs does sound like a good idea. I would be so safe, as long as they don’t try to kidnap me or something crazy like that…
            That’s horrible! You need to petition against your school, demand something unhealthy.
            I would love to have a body pillow, I don’t even know why I want one, I just do.
            Anime is fun to draw, I just like drawing people with huge, unrealistic eyes.

          • Cheesin’ is very strange. As is most slang. How do people confuse you? Are you just really awkward at making conversation, or are you literally confused by stuff people do. I get the latter thing occasionally. Either way, it sucks.
            YAY! Depression buddy! You’re my substitute for the Japanese pillow. Warning: I may drown you in tears. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            I think you could get some sorta shock collar or something on the fans, and then it would be safe. Or threaten to sop writing if they ever turn on you. They’d freak out and totally be obedient again.
            I think we could rule the world. We’re having discussions about using people as animals. Total supervillain material.
            Our school has ‘retro’ fridays where they bring back the old unhealthy stuff. Normally I have a packed lunch, but damn, those fries were good. Maybe a petition’s a good idea…
            Well, in Japan they have the pillows as pretend friends (and occasional partners, because apparently dating pillows is normal over there). I don’t want a pillow. Just lots of stuffed animals. I had this beanie rabbit when i was little and it was adorable! My (ex)-friend had a whole bunch of such animals and this little fat panda doll that was so cute.
            You can draw anime? Woah, I wish I could draw. I can sorta doodle, but that’s it. I CAN sketch pretty well, but it takes me forever to finish.

          • The latter mostly sometimes it’s my awkwardness that intimidates some.
            I think I’d just threaten to stop writing, shock collars seem a little harsh, although I might use them on the crazier fansโ€ฆ
            Yes! We would benefit the world, in my opinion.
            Retro Friday sounds cool, my school just serves lame food so even the unhealthy stuff is gross. The fries are all soggy and inedible, yikes.
            Petitions work but you can’t get caught getting people to sign it or you’ll get in trouble. It happened once at my school, some people were trying to get less homework from a teacher but the dean caught them and got everyone who signed the paper in trouble, thank goodness I didn’t sign the paper.
            Having a pillow as a friend would be lonely, it can’t talk to you! But it would be good for hugs. Who would date a pillow? That’s a whole new level of desperation right there man.
            Stuffed animals are so cute, I have one named Christmas who is supposed to be white, not so much anymore though. I’ve had her for years!
            Why is your friend your ex-friend? Did you guys fight or did you just drift apart?
            I love doodling, but I can’t sketch, my talent just isn’t in sketching. The eyes and noses always turn out weirdโ€ฆ

          • Aww, how are you awkward? You don’t seem all that awkward to me.
            Yeah, threatening to not write is a pretty good idea, They’d all get upset about that.
            Ew. Your school needs better cooks. Or some McDonalds. We have fast food stores pretty close to our school, so on our lunch periods we sometimes go down there and eat stuff. Usually I have a packed lunch though, so I don’t have to worry about any of that.
            Really? There was a petition at your school? That’s pretty weird, I’ve gotta say. I mean, why would they punish people for signing something? It’s not like anyone refused to do any homework.
            The pillow thing is pretty sad. I would hug it, because you need to hug SOMETHING when you’re sad. But date it? Uh nope. Oh, and there are people who date inanimate objects like the Berlin Wall. Weeeeiiiiird.
            Christmas isn’t ever white anymore. Thanks, global warming. What animal was Christmas anyways? A cat? I’d love a stuffed kitty.
            She’s my ex-friend because we had a fight about Homestuck, or something, and then she won’t speak to me anymore. It’s kinda sad, but I don’t know. She doesn’t want to talk.
            I can’t sketch noses either. They always get pudgy or cartoonish.

          • I try to hide my awkwardness, it’s pretty easy of the Internet ahaha.
            Mc Donald’s is amazing, I love their burgers no matter what people say is in the meat. I’d love it if I could go to a fast food restaurant during school hours, but sadly, I can’t. But I will next yearโ€ฆ maybe. I don’t even eat lunch half the time, it’s really bad but it’s true. I just skip eating during school but make up for it when I get home.
            People date the Berlin Wall?! I’ve never heard of that, that sounds rather crazy.
            Ahaha, curse you global warming! I’m pretty sure she was a bear, a polar bear to be exact.
            I really want to read Homestuck, it seems so interesting but that’s kinda sad she won’t talk to you because of that. That happened to a friend of mine, she suddenly stopped talking to be, it was all really random.

          • Yeah, internet awkwardness doesn’t exist. You get to THINK of your responses. When you talk to people it’s just… a lot more on the spot. Dear god we’d be so terrible physically speaking. The entire thing would be one long awkward silence. ๐Ÿ˜›
            I don’t listen to all that silly ‘crap in the meat’ stuff. I mean, I eat hot dogs, and those are made from leftover pig parts. If I can eat THAT without dying, I can eat a McDonald’s burger.
            Maybe your high school will be located near some restaurants. Then you can get junk food every day! I don’t eat breakfast, and usually I eat lunch on the bus. So I’m like you. Soon as I get home I have a snack and dinner, and then nothing else until 12 hours later.
            The Berlin Wall thing is some sort of mental disorder. An attraction to inanimate objects. I don’t get it either.
            Yeah Homestuck fans are rabid. I mean, I don’t really care because as a friend she was pretty shitty, but it’s still depressing. Nobody loves me! *cries*
            Aww, that sucks. Did you try asking your friend why she was upset?

          • Yeah, whenever I talk to someone face to face I always say the wrong thing and ramble! It’s terrible and I have these awesome comebacks but I say them incorrectly or at the wrong time.
            I would love to eat junk food everyday! I told my mom that when I earn enough money, I’ll buy candy and cake for myself everyday. Who cares if I get super fat?! It’s all for sweets!
            Awww, I love you!! *Internet hug*
            I did try to ask but she told me to leave her alone so that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 6 months. It’s actually pretty funny because I think she’s starting to regret cutting me off.

          • Eugh, I hate saying comebacks at the wrong time. Are you one of those people who thinks of a good thing to say, like, three hours after the actual argument? I do that so often. And I get words mixed up, and my pronunciation is terrible. I know words that I’ve never heard, and thus inevitably screw them up while speaking.
            Oh man, for breakfast are you just going to fill a cereal bowl with skittles and pour in some coke? And brush your teeth with icing? I would probably eat unhealthier if I wasn’t so lazy. Literally, I cannot muster the effort to buy junk food, so I don’t eat it.
            Hell, I don’t buy ANYTHING. I have a computer, television and my parents get me books. What else is there to do Be active? Hah! I take personal fitness. It’s all good.
            Internet hugs! Yaay! *Feels loved.*
            Aww, that sucks. My friend did the same. Why do you think she’s starting to regret it? And why did you get into a big fight in the first place, if you don’t mind me asking.
            (So I know not to do what she did.)

          • Yes! It’s so annoying, I always think of awesome comebacks when the argument is over and done with. I feel as if we’re in the same situation, sometimes, when I actually think of something incredibly snarky to say during a fight, I end of saying something incorrectly which makes the comeback a little less snappy.
            Woah, two weeks! I graduate tomorrow! Wohoo! I even get out super early. Everyone’s making plans to hang out… and then there’s me, nobody asked me to go with them to the movies or mall with them, *cries*. I hope you don’t mind if I wet your shirt with my Internet tears.
            Absolutely, icing for toothpaste?! That sounds so much better than my gross mint one. I’m too lazy to get my own sweets, but since I’m a girl, I can whine and cry until someone gets so sick of it they give me what I want. Muahaha.
            It’s so much of a bother to actually go out and buy stuff- that’s why we have parents!
            Well, my ex-friend started to talk to me more and even asked to go to the mall, of course, I declined. It wasn’t even a fight really, I left school for a week and she started to say that we weren’t friends and word got back around to me. I was so shocked, I just stayed away from her. I doubt you’ll do the same though! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • We are totally in the same situation. You are the American female me. Although I don’t understand how to make videos.
            I have trouble debating with people if I can’t insult them. I mean, literally 9/10ths of my debating skills involve belittling the other side. However, you can’t do that to friends or those who you want to treat politely. Cause I AM polite, damnit, even if nobody else is. So when I argue with people I get all befuddled and don’t know what to say.
            You graduate today? CONGRATS! WOO! Do you guys have a dance or anything? Or is it just ‘here’s your report cards… now leave’.
            Aww! Nobody at all? Have faith, Faith! We’ll celebrate! Throw a Skype party or something. Idunno. Did you see the pun I made there?
            And yes, you may cry into my shirt and I’ll pat you on the back as awkward as humanly possible.
            That’s a sneaky plan to get candy. You should just stare at people really intensely until they crack under the pressure and agree to give you Skittles.
            I like mint toothpaste myself. The green minty one, not the white or blue kind. Those are gross.
            Wow, your ex-friend is kind of weird. I don’t really talk to mine anymore. She didn’t go to my school and now that she no longer talks to me via the interwebz I never see her. We share the same guitar school, but I have class an hour later and she’s not there.
            It’s a little depressing. I mean, if I could at least talk to her once I could figure out why she’s so pissed. But no, apparently even once is too much for her. *sighs*

          • My videos aren’t even that great, they’re filmed with my cell phone so the quality isn’t the best, but I’m just too lazy to take out my mom’s fancy camera.
            My arguments are only insults too, but I don’t mind insulting even my friends aha. Being polite is tough, you have so many things you want to say but you can’t, it’s a hard life.
            My graduation wasn’t anything too great, they just gave us certificates then we were allowed to go home, which is exactly what I did. But I did get to speak a little Korean for the crowd. Which, to me, was really awesome because I love being in front of a group, I don’t even know why, I just love the attention.
            Yes, I’ll just throw a Skype party and everyone is invited! As long as you bring good jokes.
            I always just stare at people awkwardly, then they usually give me what I want.
            I love then green minty one, but my parents insist on getting the white weird one.
            It could be a good thing that you don’t talk, she seems rather over dramatic, but it is weird why she’s so mad. It’s okay, you’ve got me here!

          • Nobody blames you for being lazy! I have taken maybe two videos in my entire life. Two. That’s like, nothing. And one was my friend laughing like Donald Duck.
            Your friends must feel so special, listening to you make fun of them. Being polite is very tough, especially when everyone you know is so annoying. No insulting me though; you wouldn’t dream of being so cruel. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Our graduation involved this dance and stuff. You speak Korean? Cool! How come you got to speak for the crowd? Were you valedictorian or something? You awesome person, you.
            I’ll try to bring good jokes. I have a few making fun of the ‘cowardly’ French.
            ‘Why do French tanks have rear-view mirrors?’
            ‘So they can see the battlefield.’
            The power to stare at people until they give you what you want is a good one. And white toothpaste sucks! I had this white one that tasted like the green one once, and every time I used it I’d be surprised at how good it tasted.
            She is pretty over dramatic, yeah. I DO have you here! Don’t leave me tooooo!

          • Donald Duck? Now that’s something I’d like to hear.
            My friends know I’m only joking, and most of them give as good as they get. I’ve heard some really good ones from them. Don’t worry, I’d never be that mean to you!
            Actually, I don’t speak Korean, I just memorized the lines. At first, my mom said my Korean was painful to hear, but the more I practiced, the better I got. So when I went up on stage, my Korean actually sounded like Korean. And I was kind of forced to do speak, the teacher wanted me to so I agreed. I’m not valedictorian, never. Ahaha, my grades aren’t the greatest I’ll admit.
            That’s a good joke! I have one I heard from a friend. ‘What’s the difference between a rich Mexican and a unicorn?’
            ‘Nothing, they don’t exist.’
            I like strawberry toothpaste. It’s the closest thing to icing my mom would ever let me use for my teeth!
            I won’t ever leave yoouuu!

          • Yeah, it was hilarious. She sounded EXACTLY LIKE HIM TOO! I still have it saved on my Ipod from a year ago. Ah, good times…
            You get insulted too? That’s not good! You need to meet gentlemanly people or something. Like, English butlers except in the form of schoolchildren.
            It’s alright. You can make fun of me if you wish. Just make sure I get some sort of make-up internet prezzie later.
            What can you say in Korean? I know precious few people who speak foreign languages. With the exception of French, because we HAVE to learn French up until grade 10 over here.
            They forced you to speak? *gasp!* Those evil teachers. I’m sure your grades aren’t too bad. You sound pretty smart. I mean, you don’t talk about ‘swag’ or anything. ๐Ÿ˜€
            Oh, by the way, that Mexican joke killed me. Literally, I’ve been laughing for five minutes straight.
            You have strawberry toothpaste? I may have to come to America and steal that.
            Yay! I don’t even have to superglue you to me or anything!

          • I’d love to know someone like an English butler! How cool would that be?
            I’ll give you another joke if I insult you! ๐Ÿ˜€
            I’m pretty sure I said “I am Faith Kim and I thank you for coming to our graduation.” Something like that…
            Why thank you very much! If I ever talk about swag you can kill me at that point. I don’t even understand it.
            The toothpaste is actually for babies, but I somehow got my hands on a little bottle of it. Come here and we’ll try the cupcake one! I saw it once and wanted to buy it, but my dad said no *cries* he says I don’t need that kind of stuff before bed.
            Have you ever superglued your fingers together? It is PAINFUL! I accidentally superglue all of my fingers together while I was working on a project in class. Then I had to take notes so I ripped my fingers apart, my skin tore off!

          • Having a butler would be pretty cool. For starters, he could make us tea! And crumpets, though I often forget what crumpets are supposed to be. Oh, and we’d have someone to hold the door open for us whenever we pass!
            That’s neat. Are there many Korean people in California? Or are you alone?
            You’re welcome! I wouldn’t kill you. I’d re-educate you! I few hours of being forced to listen to Mozart should drive the YOLO from anybody’s mind.
            I can’t believe you got baby toothpaste. That’s amazing. I like eating those Gerber’s Baby Biscuits myself. I mean, I know they’re for children, but they’re damned good crackers.
            THERE’S CUPCAKE TOOTHPASTE? Excuse me while I salivate over my keyboard. I’d fly to the Antarctic to try that.
            Aww! It’s okay! *Internet hug*. You could always have it in the morning.
            I must confess, I have not superglued my fingers together. I once got my index finger stuck in a CD, which I had to snap in half. And once I got my elbow stuck in a gap in the staircase at an amusement park line, and had to subtly wedge it free as we advanced to the ride.
            Superglue sounds very painful. Again, you have my sympathies.

          • I have no idea what a crumpet is, the name reminds me of a trumpet.
            There are quite a few Korean people here, way more than Texas I’ll say that. We’ve got a Korea Town, and a Japan Town, and a China Town. Lots of towns.
            We should blast Mozart over the intercoms of every school in the world, maybe then YOLO will be wiped out.
            Baby stuff is good! Baby soap makes my skin super soft. But I don’t like the baby food, I had to buy four bottles of baby food because I needed the jars, of course, being me, I tried the food inside, it wasn’t pleasant but I should have known from the smell! I’ve never tried the Baby Biscuits, but I want to now, maybe I’ll steal some from my baby cousin…
            You got your elbow stuck in a staircase? It sounds like something from Hogwarts, where the staircases try to eat you. I got half my body stuck in a banister once and my brother had to help pull me out. I also got stuck inside a desk, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I love trying to fit into small places, I guess it’s good to know that I don’t have claustrophobia!

          • So, apparently, a crumpet is like an English muffin, which is like a bagel but without the hole through its middle. If that made any sense.
            We don’t really have towns in Toronto. Where I live is predominately Indian people, so I’m a minority. Literally, there was three white people in my entire grade eight class.
            YOLO’s pretty stupid. I saw a humour song once where these guys sang about how YOLO meant taking NO risks because you could get hurt or killed. Because if you ‘only live once’ then once you die that’s it.
            You use baby soap? Speaking of soft, I have this dress shirt, which is like super-silky. I wear it to school and just run my hand down it all day.
            Don’t try baby food! I didn’t even like that stuff as a baby. Apparently I used to suck on bread. And try the baby crackers! The’re pretty good, for baby food. Does that sound weird?
            My elbow got stuck in this little space between the bannister and the wall. How’d you end up with half your body in a bannister… and your entire body in a desk? Dude, are you like a contortionist or something. Quick! Bend into the shape of a ‘Q’!
            It’s very good to hear you don’t have claustrophobia. Imagine getting stuck with nobody to pull you out. You’d be dead with fear!

          • So that’s what a crumpet is, I always thought it was something crunchy, like a hard cookie.
            Whoa, that must have been tough, it was tough for me in Texas. There were no Asians there, only white people. My old middle school had about four Asians total, including me. Everyone there thought I was super smart and spoke every language in the world. They didn’t even know I was Korean, I once was asked if I was Russian.
            The entire YOLO concept is really stupid, what’s even worse is that people live by that motto.
            I love soft dress shirts! If only I had one- hmm, maybe I should steal yours, it would probably keep me distracted for an entire week.
            Now I’m going to ask my mom for some baby crackers, I bet she’ll think I’m insane but you’re making me want them!
            It was when I was really young and I was climbing on the staircase when I thought to myself ‘I wonder if I could fit through the bars,’ so I tried and got stuck halfway through. The same with the desk, the center opened up so I thought I could fit inside, and when I finally managed to get in, the doors shut and locked. But, somehow, I got out.
            Unfortunately, I’m not a contortionist, more like someone who’s way too curious about the stupidest things, at least, that’s what my mom says. But, speaking of contortionists, have you ever seen the Chinese contortionists? It’s scary what they can do!

          • Nah, I think the hard cookie thing is a biscuit. Which is also eaten with tea, so you’re pretty close.
            You lived in Texas? What’s it like? Did everyone wear cowboy hats? WERE THERE LYNCHINGS? It sucks that everyone immediately assumed you were an Asian stereotype. Or a Russian one, apparently…
            I didn’t mind my middle school that much, because I got along with everyone. I was the ‘smart kid’, and so I had this reputation as the one to go to for help on tests. And people respected that. There were people who actually thought; damn, being smart is cool.
            My high school (ALL white people) is filled with idiots. Nobody cares about how intelligent you act. The only time they care about grades is to mock the ‘stupid’ children.
            How about we trade. You can have my dress shirt but I get your Avengers T-Shirt. Have you seen all the Avengers movies? Like, Iron Man and Thor and that? They’re pretty good.
            Although the storytelling in Batman (ignoring all the stupid plot holes) is better.
            You got out of a locked desk? I see, you’re not a contortionist… you’re an escape artist! A very curious escape artist.
            Curiosity killed the cat, you know. Oh! You should get a hat with cat ears.
            I haven’t seen Chinese contortionists. I’ve heard of them. They sound freaky.

          • They didn’t wear cowboy hats, but some people did wear boots. They also had heavy southern accents. And, unfortunately, I didn’t see any lynchings ):
            Being smart is cool! Not only are you smarter than everyone else but you can also show off your knowledge! Now I know, if I ever need help for a test, I’ll come to you!
            Whoa, your high school sounds rather tough!
            Hmm, you drive a hard bargain… deal! I’ll take your fancy dress shirt. I’ve seen all of the movies, over and over again actually. My dad and I are huge dorks. Over the weekends, we’ll just watch superhero cartoons on TV, my mom likes to tease us about it. But I told her if I ever get a Green Lantern ring she’ll regret every making fun of me!
            I guess I could always become an escape artist if nothing else goes my way. I actually do have a cat hat! It’s black with cute little ears at the top, I love wearing it despite the fact I sweat so much, especially in this hot weather. But I love it so much, I must make a few sacrifices.

          • Southern accents! That sounds pretty cool. Did you ever go riding? Sorry, I’m just trying to think of any southern stereotype I can and ask if you’ve done it. ๐Ÿ˜›
            Feel free to ask me for help on tests. I’m sure I’ll be able to remember the stuff from Grade Nine. Except for Geography, because I hated that course. Being smart is very cool indeed. If we were in the same school we could play chess on our lunch breaks. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            There are people who actually do that where I go. It’s strange.
            Wow, that’s pretty freaking awesome. I know people who also really like the Avengers, but they only enjoy the movies, and don’t really care for the comics or cartoons. But you’re a true superhero nerd! Hurrah!
            Uh, that’s meant to be a compliment. Also, I’d love to have a Green Lantern Ring. I’d conjure an umbrella up for snowstorms. I’ve always wanted a snowstorm umbrella. I wonder if they exist…
            Cat hats are… adorable. They are adorable hats of adorableness. You need to make a video of your cat hat. Have it pounce on a mouse hat or something.
            In other news I had math exams today, and they were hellishly long. I’ve never had so long a test in my life. I mean, I barely finished, and I’m sure I got stuff wrong. So, I’m sad. ๐Ÿ˜›
            And there’s a bee hiding in my room. This day gets worse and worse…

          • No, I didn’t go riding, which sucks, but I was invited to go to my friend’s ranch out in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, I didn’t go there either.
            I love chess, except for the fact that I don’t know how to play. I always seem to forget the roles of each piece, I usually just move them randomly and pray it looks like I know what I’m doing.
            Yes! I’m a true nerd, unlike other people who only like superheros for the Avengers. If I had a Green Lantern ring, well I can’t even begin to imagine what I would do with it. World Domination would be one thing. ;D
            I should make a video of my cat hat, I haven’t been making videos lately… actually I haven’t been doing anything lately. I don’t even know what day it is right now, this is what summer break does to me. It melts my brains!
            Oh don’t worry! I bet you didn’t miss anything, but those math exams sound killer! So does a bee. It’ll be alright, sleep all your worries away!

          • Well, the ranch thing sounds pretty awesome. How come you didn’t go? You could have seen them lasso stuff! Stuuuuuuff! ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Chess isn’t too hard to play. There’s different pieces and they do different things. Pawns go up and castles go left and right and bishops go diagonally and… come to think of it, that IS pretty hard to remember.
            I’ll teach you chess one day, using the magic of the interwebz! Do you at least know checkers?
            I don’t know any true nerds, to be honest. Well, I know a couple people who seem to know a lot more than normal when it comes to comics, but none who would wear avengers shirts AND watch cartoons.
            Have I mentioned that you rock already?
            Probably. I’ll just say it again for emphasis.
            World Domination sounds like fun. I’d love to have superpowers… hypnosis or telekenesis, possibly.
            It’s okay! I just had my last exam today, and I don’t particularly want to do anything but sleep. Today’s the 21st of June, by the way. Only two months of summer to go. By the end, you’ll have gotten so lazy you’ll barely be able to stand.

          • I was going to go, until I got a pretty bad concussion and I had to be locked in my room for two months. I couldn’t see my friend lasso stuff because of it! Darn!
            I know how to play checkers, barely. I’ll read an article how to play chess, maybe then I’ll understand it! Or maybe I’ll YouTube some good videos on how to play chess.
            Why thank you very much! And you rock too, you understand the awesomeness of being a nerd!
            Thanks for telling me! I now know it’s June, by tomorrow though, I’ll probably forget. Summer rots your brains! And it’s rotting my athleticism, something I barely had even to begin with…

          • How’d you get a concussion!? That’s terrible! You don’t seem like the kind of person to get injured doing something crazy, if you don’t mind me saying. Did you get hit by a car or something? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
            Checkers isn’t too hard. You just hop the pieces diagonally over one another. Try learning that before chess. It’s like, beginner’s chess. Then we can play checkers!
            Woo! *Waves arms wildly*
            You’re very welcome. I do understand the awesomness of being a nerd. It’s something so few people get.
            You’re not un-athletic! Come on, show some self-approval, or something. I’m not sure if that’s the word I want. In any case, if you think you’re unathletic, just go down to the local McDonalds and take a good long look at its regular customers.
            Still, summer DOES make you lazy. Bleugh, all my sports stuff down the drain.

          • I’m actually extremely clumsy, and while I was playing dodgeball, I tripped over my feet and hit my nose on another girl, and fainted. I landed backwards on my head and cracked the back of my skull, it was frightening. Luckily, there were no cars involved! But there was a lot of blood…
            I just read how to play checkers! I now have a basic understanding of it, maybe I could take you on? Eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ No, I don’t actually think I’m that great yet, I’ll have to practice on my brother first.
            People think being a nerd is lame, but I laugh at them, they’re missing out!
            I was just at McDonalds the other day, and you’re right! My self-esteem just went up.
            Do you play any sports? I’ve tried but nothing ever stuck.

          • I know concussions are terrible things, but that entire scene has a sort of Three Stooges vibe to it. Just saying.
            Still, that really sucks. If I could go back in time I’d send you a sympathy card and chocolates.
            Or maybe just chocolates. I think they’re the better of the two.
            Eugh… blood. I had a pretty deep cut on my face once, and it swelled up, and I saw it was bleeding a little. So i squeezed it, to, y’know, see if any more blood came out. And this giant gush of blood shot out of the cut like it was being sprayed from a hose and splashed over my bathroom mirror and I was just standing there, completely in shock.
            That was a run on sentence. Sorry. Blood sucks.
            Your brother know checkers? Are you just going to beat him over and over again for kicks? I’m not the best at checkers, you know. I’m just average, if that. Plus you’re Asian! Not to reference media stereotypes but you should be great at these games!
            Okay, that referenced stereotypes a lot.
            I play golf. I don’t like team sports very much. Far too much running and teamwork. *shudders* Golf is more relaxing, except when you lose your ball. How I loathe losing golf balls.
            What sports do you like?
            Also, do you want to talk on, like, skype or some messaging thing or something. It just seems a little easier then sending messages back and forth. It’s totally up to you. Please don’t feel pressured or anything.

          • It does have a Three Stooges vibe to it, now doesn’t it? And yes, I would happily accept your chocolates over sympathy cards! The chocolates would be gone in a matter of seconds.
            That is frightening! Blood’s terrible.
            I don’t know if my brother knows how to play checkers but he might. He usually surprises me with special talents I never knew he had…
            Teamwork is rather annoying, I’ll admit. I don’t like people who refuses to cooperate.
            I don’t play any sports, because of an ‘injury’. Yeah right, I just use an old injury as an excuse to not do anything.
            And yes! I’d be happy to skype. My Skype name is monkeyfaith_ so you can just add me.

          • Alrighty! I added you to skype! My name is ‘Sup. I don’t know why; mostly cause I can’t think of anything better.
            I’d respond to all these various topics… but I suppose we have skype for that now.
            Uh… do you want me to still talk on wordpress as well?
            It’s totally up to you. I pretty much do what others (being awesome people like yourself) tell me.

          • We can talk on skype! But I must warn you, I don’t like talking face-to-face, mainly because I’m just really awkward…

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  2. Faith, you KNOW I love your blog and am a huge supporter of what you do – I can actually relate to your situation as a young writer and see a bit of myself in you. Your enthusiasm and spirit is always shining through your blog posts and writing, which is why I’ve nominated you for the Shine On award: http://williamlouisonpoetry.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/the-shine-on-award-yay/
    You are, perhaps, the most deserving off my nominees of this award. Keep up the excellent work!

    • Thank you so much! Your compliment made me so happy, I’m so thankful an I gladly accept this award. Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

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